Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I Dare You to Give Me Lemons

(She wore lemon to colour in the grey night.)

I know the end of winter is near when yellow jonquils push up from the earth to announce spring. They don't stay around very long as they are quickly replaced by bright patches of tulips, then purple irises. Spring also wakes me with a symphony of bird calls outside my window.

Calendars and clocks are wonderful for organizing lives, but sometimes it's better to rely on our senses. If we are simply aware, we will know what's coming next. Give yourself permission to slow down and maybe even lay in bed longer to listen to the birds.

To save the last remnants of winter, I preserved lemons. Lemons are a traditional fruit of the cold weather months, but I like how they allude to spring. You can make preserved lemons in just twenty minutes at home. They'll keep in your refrigerator for up to six months. Enjoy them finely diced and tossed with fresh green vegetables, fish, barbecued meat, and anytime you want an unusual piquant flavor to spice up a meal.

A simple recipe for preserved lemons.

Image Souce: David Lebovitz

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