Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Which would you choose?

Hi all...another post I prepared in advance, thankfully I had the gumption to think ahead as my brain has turned to mush lately:) I think the most exhausting part of the move is over and I am pacing myself and taking it slow, thanks so much for all of your kind comments,emails and messages! Its great to be home!! (and yes to many of you who asked I do have help, thanks)!

Well hello there! By now you know the drill...I set up a little scenario and you get to ponder and think about which one room you would most love to be in and would suit you best. Remember how everyone moved out to the patio from "that party" to carry the party outdoors? Well, its in full swing and there is no end in sight! In fact all those inside have decided to join you. Its a beautiful night under a clear moonlit sky but its getting nippy so your darling hubby suggests lighting a fire in the outdoor fireplace and roasting marshmallows....what a guy!! So.....you know what to do, pick your outdoor fireplace seating room! This is not an easy feat as there are so many lovlies here, good luck. Can't wait to see what you choose. I have my eye on two, and will be happy as a smores to be in either one of them! 
Here we go....

WARNING- Proceed with caution and at your own risk. Viewing these has been known to induce SDTMS (Sudden desire to make smores)!!


                                                                   CHOICE 2

                                                                 CHOICE 3










Tough choice, don't you think? I can't wait to see who the big winner is though there is truly something fabulous about each and every one. I would be thrilled to be in any of them hanging out with friends and family until the wee hours of the morning! Now its your turn tell me which would you choose? Have a marvelous day!


Sunday, 29 January 2012

Coming up for air and a moving update!


******** Text and photo heavy.....have another cup of coffee******

PART 1-  (written a few days ago very early am)

Hello.....wow I must admit I had a few moments (or hours) not long ago when I started to think I might never get my energy back or enough time to put together a post I could be proud of. But alas here I am. Now lest you be thinking that I am so together, so organized that I am already back to my blogging schedule translates to endless hours of being footloose and fancy free on my comp . I feel obliged to tell you you are wrong. Way wrong. For here I sit in my small but cozy office  which at the moment, is a complete and utter mess amidst heaps of bags, boxes, books, pictures, torn out pages from design mags, fabric and paper swatches,etc..... But we all know you need to know when to listen to your body and when its time to put everything down, and just take a deep breath and do something for yourself. Hence my being here right now. Trust me, me writing this post has as much to do with my being near done unpacking and 'setting up shop" as going au natural is for Joan Rivers. (sorry Joan but you are an easy target). So here's the lowdown.....

I am beyond thrilled to finally be home. Just ecstatic. My favorite times of the day are when I get up around 5:30 up until 7:30 when the chaos starts raging, that means driving my son to school and the workers that are still working here (less every day) start knocking on the door. I dream about when the end of the day comes, and when I can really enjoy the house to myself again but truth be told by that time, I am wiped and utterly exhausted beyond description and I have been going into bed at the ungodly hour of 8:30! By that time I truly have expired. Moving is seriously exhausting in more ways than one.

About 30% of the house is still being worked on so the kitchen, the breakfast room and family room and bedrooms are only rooms bearing any semblance of being "done" (and when I say done I mean a room having a few chairs to sit on or the beds). We have moved some of our previous furniture into the house which looks pretty good, but for the family room we have ordered new furniture, bedding is on order for bedrooms, wall to wall for  master backordered,  etc......mind you this is all in a temporary state and excuse the mess but anyone who has moved knows what its like! So enough talking, come have a look........

Beautiful new chandelier for vestibule off foyer

Don't pay attention to our Chicken pox walls, this is the last area still to be painted

Chandeliers in living room hung!
Love them.....

Love this antique Chinese bowl 
Love my little french men fruit bowl, looks great in this kitchen
Breakfast room
Close up.....
Slowly slowly, paper is coming off the stair railing!
Love starting to find a place for my little treasures
Forgot how much blue and white I have!

And some more.....

And more.......
Yep I think this is a good start!

And we are starting to unpack my crystal, silver and china for the pantry

A work in progress.........

Love the breakfast room on a sunny morning, and of course a cozy rainy morning and forget the snow....it was so beautiful!

Love a pop of yellow against the white and black in the kitchen

That big bowl over to the right is an antique Chinese bowl, its huge 2 1/2 feet wide and so beautiful.....was thinking it would be beautiful to fill with orchids. The beautiful tulips someone dropped off yesterday
Missed my crystal

And all the little pretties......

Temp display of blue and whites, will have to "play"

For now putting my pillows on the sofa...the colors work

PART 2- Update as of 2 days ago, who was I kidding? As soon as I took a deep breath 5 days later I actually was foolish enough to start thinking, except for that first day or two, this really wasn't that bad. Then..........(jaws music here), the second round arrived yesterday! Oh boy, I had forgotten just how much I really had. How much had been stored away. It was such an exhausting day that by days end I literally could not walk, it was bad. My feet fell like they were literally detaching from my body and I was spent. The only bright side was the  opening up of some of my boxes revealed forgotten about goodies, like all my blue and white, and some beautiful collectibles that I love even more now that they are in their final resting place. So bear in mind this is a major work in progress and will be for a long, long time but below are some more recent highlights........

Coming back from other house to find a newly arrived orchid from a friend was a sight for sore eyes!
A pretty pair of French chairs hubby bought at auction will probably eventually end up in living room
More boxes.........

My beautiful painted chest we bought in France for my bedroom
Bedroom with my old furniture, got the new chandelier up! 

Beautiful french desk...we have to figure out where we are going to put it
Seating area in family room

Looking into breakfast room
Full view of the room.......
Another shot

Love the night time lighting.....
Just realized the Charmin kind of detracts...oops!

A beautiful French chest in guest room
Art waiting to be hung, they might be waiting a while!
More boxes!!!!!
Our lone pair of Winterthur chairs needs a home! These are very special chairs and one day I might just do a post on these chairs. 
Only furniture in living room so far, our pair of two French chests from our previous house
Close up....sorry for the grainy pictures
Photo quality not so great.....blame it on the iPhone and my lame photography skills

So folks, that's a brief recap on whats been happening over here this last week. Its been one helluva week, my calf muscles, feet and back are so sore. Today I think I am going to christen my bathtub with a long soak. Fun, exciting, exhilarating, titillating, and exhausting all rolled into one is how I would describe moving. But make no mistake, it is great to be home at last!!!!!!!! Will be back when I can, wishing you a wonderful Sunday!