Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lusting after lanterns......

Good morning friends! Here is a post I had fun putting together largely because I am in the market for a number of lanterns and I never tire of looking at them. It was fun to see so many different spaces of how and where they work, and I figured I would take you along for my "investigative research". So happy I did these posts in advance! Hope to do a moving update in a few days......will keep you posted!

Love lanterns. I think I could literally have them in every room and never get tired of looking at them. Big, small, iron, wood, black, rustic, them all.   Of course it has to be the right lantern, but there are few spaces and few homes that a lantern doesn't just rock in. I love them as much in foyers, stair halls, bathrooms as I do outside porches, bedrooms and mudrooms. There are no rules for lanterns pure and simple. 
 For my own house, we are going to be using lots of them, in the kitchen, stair hall, outside, outside porch/loggia, a few of the bathrooms and in a few vestibules. So today is a bit of self indulgence in my lust for lanterns and knowing that many of you love them too, thought I would share.....what do you think? Do you have any lanterns? Would you? You know I love to hear!

Love lanterns in outside spaces like this beautiful loggia, William Waldon
Love these beautiful mercury glass lanterns over the antique butchers block, Shades of light
A pair of ornate lanterns adds so much to any space, Segreto
This fabulous hallway/gallery used a succession of gorgeous lanterns, Bonner
Love this gold lantern above this absolutely charming blue and white setting, Sara Gilbane
Alexa Hampton used a pair of over scaled lanterns in this fabulous kitchen in the Hamptons
Cindy Rinfret chose an over sized gorgeous lantern to place above this center hall table
Even a simple lantern in groups, is quite incredible looking..Segreto
Stunning pair of glass and nickel lanterns paired above a large island, Downsview
A lantern is a great choice for cozy nooks like this breakfast room hangout, Southern Living
To me, a lantern is the perfect choice for virtually any stair hall, Janet Simon
Always admired this beautiful dressing room with delicate glass lantern,Barry Dixon
This lovely lantern gives just the right amount of bling to this pretty and understated dining setting, Wisteria
Love seeing a lantern in an unexpected place like a library, Jan Showers
Pairs always work over an island, these are great looking. Taylor Hannah
Gorgeous foyer gets a beautiful iron lantern
Love this trio of lanterns in this beautiful indoor/outdoor room...
Love how this pair of iron lanterns warms up the cavernous space in this kitchen, Palm Designs
One of my favorite pictures of all time, this cozy and elegant seating area is beautifully enhanced by a rustic and oversized lantern, Traditional Home
A formal brass lantern graces this elegant foyer, Robert Stern 
Cindy Rinfret chose a single lantern in this gem of a bathroom
This elegant lantern is the perfect touch to this small and cozy dining room, Palmer Weiss
If using just one lantern, it should be a large scaled one over the island, Clive Christian
Love this setting and the lantern is just perfect here! Gordon Beall photography
Love a pair of lanterns over a kitchen island, which is what I plan on doing.....Segreto
Always loved this mudroom, warm, cozy and elegant enhanced with a beautiful lantern, Veranda
And of course we all know how stunning lanterns are outside! Andrew Skurman

So....if this hasn't convinced you about how gorgeous and versatile lanterns are, can't imagine what would! I personally love them. And if you have ever wondered how to figure out sizing and the right circumference for a lantern or chandelier in a particular room, here is what a few experts that we all know and love have to interesting! Thanks Bunny and Hinkley lighting and thank you all for stopping by!

When looking for the right sized light fixture, remember this...How big should an overhead light fixture be? Just add the length and width of the room in feet, and whatever number you come up with is, in inches, your guide for the fixture's diameter. So a 15-by-20-foot room would need a 35-inch-wide chandelier.
—Bunny Williams

How to measure for outside lanterns?
In using one lantern, if you use it only on one side of the door, it should measure one third the length of the door. The center of the bulb should rest 66" above the thershold of the door.
If using two lanterns,they should each measure approx. one fourth of the length of the door. The center of the bulb should rest 66" above the threshold of the door. 
- Hinkley Lighting


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