Saturday, 28 January 2012

Enchanted guest #16....say hi to Beth and Kristy of Design Chic!

Good morning everyone! Hard to believe my incredible array of guest posts is coming to an end, I cannot thank each of you enough for your help in helping filling in the gaps for me on my blog with your incredibe guest posts while we were moving. I am so appreciative and am so humbled by your kindness. I finish off my amazing run of guest posts which I really hope you have enjoyed with last but most certainly not least, Design Chic.  I am so happy to feature these two ladies whose style I absolutely adore and who are some of the sweetest people in all of blogland. Say hello to Kristy and Beth of the uber chic and elegant design blog, Design Chic. Sophisticated, elegant, and chic is how I would describe their beautiful and graceful style.

I love how they can take a design element and show the best of how it can look, they have more than once converted me to totally loving something I wasn't sure how to use or cemented my love and undying devotion for things like the use of leopard, blue and white and ottomans, paneled libraries and the list goes on. I also love how they successfully incorporate a little bit of fashion with decor on their blog, which makes for an interesting mix and their spin is always a supremely elegant one!

This  mother and daughter dynamic duo are super stylish and Design Chic is a regular stop for me. I am talking seriously stylish people. I know I am always in for a visual treat for the senses when I visit Design Chic and if you are not familiar with them, I highly suggest you visit!

You know when I am talking about people who are stylish and chic, I absolutely must give you a little peek into their the world through their eyes!  Just feast your eyes on their ridiculously elegant homes, including Baby Will's (Kristy's baby) dream nursery! Just to give you an idea of how elegant they are, here is a little peek into how these girls roll..........

Impressive, wouldn't you say? Now ladies....the floor is yours!

Cathy Kincaid Interiors via  Southern Accent

When Tina asked us, Beth and Kristy of Design Chic, to do a guest post for her, we were incredibly flattered. So, when choosing the topic, we thought, "What could we showcase that Tina would love?" The answer was obvious. Blue and white porcelain, of course! Here is a compilation of some of our favorite uses of a design staple. They may have been chosen with Tina in mind, but we hope you all love them too!   

Lori Tippins Interiors
The juxtaposition of the more masculine antlers and leather chairs with delicate porcelain is wonderful!
Oscar de la Renta's Dominican Republic Home

The huge jars over the bookcases are what caught our eye first, but we love the lamps as well. In fact, we wouldn't mind if Oscar wanted to hand over his whole Dominican Republic House. We really wouldn't change a thing!
Peters and Mbiango Interiors

The kitchen is perhaps one of our favorite places for blue and white. We love the sets of ginger jars. My mother-in-law gave my husband and me a set just like the one in the middle. The sweet pea vines symbolize "forever" and "many children," while the main decoration is a "shuang xi" character which is the symbol for "wedded bliss." What a great way to think outside the registry!
Veranda Magazine

What a statement! We have to admit, though, we might be a touch nervous sleeping underneath all those breakable items...
Tobi Fairley

There's nothing that defines a room a well-accessorized table. The orchids are gorgeous.
Veranda Magazine

We attended a wedding recently where all the flower arrangements were done in blue and white ginger jars. With white flowers like this, the effect was simply lovely. Hmmm, with all the sweet pea vines they had floating around, we guess they're going to have many, many, many children!
Bunny Williams

The mantle is one of our favorite places for porcelain. The symmetry is perfection!
Peter Marino Interiors

This could be the most fabulous collection we've ever seen!
Joe Minton Designer

There's nothing like a huge, white hydrangea to complement an antique vase. It's a beautiful touch in any room.
Thanks so much for having us on your fabulous blog, Tina!

Thanks ladies! You know me so well. I LOVE blue and white, there is not a home or room that I don't think it can totally rock in. This post was such a scrumptious treat...many thanks for featuring such a beautiful post, Beth and Kristy. And to all of you for stopping in thank you! Like what you see? Make sure to stop by Design Chic for even more beautiful eye candy, might keep you busy awhile! Click here to visit. Wishing everyone a wonderful Saturday!


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