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Towel bar towel bar, where do you go!

Hi there! I am in the throes of serious packing and  am suddenly realizing moving is no laughing matter! I am trying to pace myself, and so happy I made posts in advance along with all the other fabulous guest posts I have coming up. Enjoy.......

Good morning everyone! I know its going to get very busy around here in the coming weeks with the move, but I promise you I will come to blogland just as much as I can...and since it is my therapy, I must make sure I get here on a regular basis, afterall:)

Now that I am just finishing up quite a few bathrooms in the new house,  when my mind is exhausted and in need of a serious vacation, the decisions continue to come at me form all directions. Where do I want towel bars? What kind, single or double? What about the sconces? Toilet paper holders? Do the powder rooms get towel bars? Does this ever end! So in the last few weeks on top of everything else happening, I have gone through each bathroom to decide what gets this what gets head is spinning. I have only decided on two bathrooms so far! What are your thoughts on towel bars, sconces, toilet paper holders, guest towel rings,etc.......? To highlight bathrooms with and without, I dedicate this post to bathrooms of every style  and would love to know your thoughts on how you handle towels, towel bars,etc........
Case in point....a beautiful side table stacked with bath towels is one elegant solution, Arch Digest
This elegant and simple bath has two large hooks, while I think it works here, its too casual for my taste, Atlanta Home mag
This pretty bathroom has a stack of rolled towels sitting on the tub deck not a towel ring to be found, love all that storage in the pretty chest, am sure it doubles as towel storage, Kendel
When you have extensive paneling in a bathroom, a towel bar on the wall does not have an appropriate place, so putting then inside the cabinets or a designated storage unit is what is generally done here, Clive Christian
I love the idea if your space permits, of putting a beautiful small side table/chest next to a tub and using it for folded towels and other objects, Sandra Nunnerly
When you have such an elegant bathtub and room as this one, I think the idea of placing a fresh towel over the tub is most appropriate and keeping the wall free of any racks, Huff Dewberry
This is interesting, placing a towel bar on a flat drawer front between double vanities

Always loved this bathroom, no towel bars, the towels are neatly stacked in elegant cubbies and the hand towels folded in a pretty silver dish next to sink,House Beautiful
Windsor Smith, what about putting a towel ring on the side of a cabinet or vanity? Humm.....
You can attach a bar directly to a tub but I like the nickel and glass stand next to it even better!
A free standing towel bar placed on the vanity is a nice option, Tracery
I see "Ralph" as in Ralph Lauren chose a free standing fancy brass towel holder, no doubt it warms them too! 
Nathan Egan took an oversized basket and rolled the towels, placing it under the vanity...looks attractive!
Beautiful open shelving solves any towel issues here, Eric Roth
This very opulent bathroom, has a large attached bar to the left and a small ring to the right in addition to folded towels next to the! Arch Digest
Wow what a powder room, a simple towel bar as to not take away from that outrageous paper..stunning! Rosemary Bellinger 
I have always like this idea of no towel bars and having a built in cubby of sorts with shelves to nearly line with folded towels. Pressure would be on though for it to always look like this! Barry Dixon
This old world feeling bathroom gets a row of hooks and an oversized freestanding European style rack
A towel bar on tub wall seems to be popular, Elle
Palm design group chose to keep a few folded bath towels on a pretty chair and just have one hook on the wall, not a bad option
For this elegant old world bath, a screen is used to drape towels and a pull out towel holder is used by the sink for the hand towel
Towel bars can get mounted right on the marble, and in this case it makes perfect sense to have it right for when you step out of the shower, Decorpad
Seems most do not put rings or bars in a formal powder room, I too have personally always draped them over the sink or on the vanity, Hendel
In this pretty Brooks and Falatico bathroom, open shelving is a great and pretty solution to more than ample storage for bath and hand towels
Hand towel anyone? Never running out here! House Beautiful
I do like vanities that have a built in towel bar, its a no brainer, Elle Decor
I do like the double towel bars, very European looking....Matha O Hara
An attractive ovesized tray on the vanity is a nice way to store folded towels and other bathroom accessories, House Beautiful
Some just prefer to stack folded towels on the ledge of the tub, Christians
I, being a lover of symmetry like the way this pair of towel bars looks flanking the sink,Decorpad
Here they chose to place a double bar up quite high, I think I might have opted in this bathroom to place it lower or have a freestanding unit, House Beautiful
A freestanding nickel towel bar, great because it can be moved, Urban Grace
For deck mounted tubs like this, rolling or stacking them on the deck seems to be a popular choice, Hendel
Instead of the usual towel rings, Mary Helen McCoy used smaller 18 inch (it looks like) towel bars on each side....a good idea
A simple towel ring, not necessarily  my favorite, think the finish might be too strong for such a soft feeling room, Murger Interiors
One towel bar under the mirrors on far wall, only problem is no reaching for a towel so you have to think ahead! Rinfret
Laying a hand towel directly on the vanity is what I have done in my past powder rooms, when you have a room this beautiful you don't want to detract with towel bars,Maureen Footer
I think as done in this pretty bathroom a simple and pretty hand towel placed on inside wall of a wall to wall vanity is very appropriate, Atticmag
In this elegant bathroom, a simple container houses the hand towels, Clive Christian
This elegant powder room gets a towel bar on side wall enough to hold three towels, Veranda
This powder room has a storage basket beneath the sink to hold extra towels and a guest towel laid across the vanity top, Hendel
I think a bathroom this luxurious should not have bars on the wall, in this case the free standing unit to the right is the perfect solution, Sherle Wagner

Wow my head is really spinning now! I think there is truly no wrong or right way...its a matter of personal taste. I also think that in a master bath, if there is extensive millwork, its best to put the towels in a storage, small armoire, chest or even stacked on a pretty chair. Ditto for powder rooms, for formal rooms I prefer seeing a elegant delicate guest towel laid over the sink or next to it right on the vanity. For kids and guests rooms, I think towel bars are absolutely necessary, and don't forget about hooks! I will have them I believe in every bathroom, they are just easy and double as a place to keep a robe or somewhere to hang clothes if need be. Would love to hear your thoughts on this issue, as this something we all have to think about! Wishing you a wonderful day!


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