Sunday, 1 January 2012

By Invitation only.....join us in Paris!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Wow its 2012, well being a lover of even numbers, I am confident this is going to be one great year! I am happy to open the door to a new year, full of new possibilities, new connections and opportunities.....bring it on!

I just realized late last night, today is MY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY FOR BLOGGING!! I can't believe it!! I didnt' have enough time to prepare a full celebratory post but will talk more about it tomorrow and announce a few giveaways to celebrate!! This is some milestone, and I am over the moon that I made it this far!! And I owe it all to my fellow bloggers and readers, so THANK YOU!!

As part of the fun group, "By Invitation only" that I am lucky to be a part of, we decided to, after the success of the Christmas party, all meet up in Paris for a "New Years lunch" to usher in the new year and celebrate the gift of friendship. This was a lot of fun, and when dreaming why not dream we are heading over to the fabulous and famous Parisian restaurant, Pre Catalan for a fabulous "last all afternoon" Champagne luncheon!  It is here where we will spend hours and hours talking, chatting, gossiping, reveling over our holiday highlights and of course talking about what lies ahead in the new year and going forward.
When I think of going forward, I think of ways I can become a better person, a more giving person who gives to the best of my ability. Someone who will be the mother, wife and friend that  I can be proud to be. I truly believe no matter your age, you are always evolving and if you open your mind and heart to constantly learning and improving then you are destined to continue to become a better, stronger, kinder, more intelligent and wiser woman! So in going forward I focus on positive changes, and being conscious of ways to constantly improve myself! And not just talking about them but putting them into action! Cheers girls!

In addition to having lots to talk about, It was decided that we would feature what we are going to wear to this chic soiree and as I am grateful to have these women as my friends, I also am bringing a small gift as a token of our friendship to each one, a celebration of a new year. So below is what I plan on wearing..I wanted it to feel chic, elegant, timeless and above all else very classic!

So here is the setting of this fabulous get together, the beautiful and sophisticated Pre Catalan..
Think this will pass muster? Yes!
Beautiful and elegant dining room, hope they are giving us a big corner table.....there will be lots of laughter and it could get loud and boisterous!
Certainly whets my appetite!

And then  what I plan on wearing....wanted it to be sophisticated, comfortable, elegant and classic......

This chic little mink stroller will be perfect to brave the cold Parisian streets
A close up of my pretty feminine ivory silk blouse by Dolce and Gabanna
And these classic wool Ralph Lauren slacks  in winter white

A classic pair of snakeskin shoes by Jimmy Choo

Here was my basic this classic look, works in any country!

Gotta have my chic super buttery brown driving gloves

And of course have to sport this classic French timepiece, the Cartier roadster watch!

This stunner of a necklace courtesy of Chanel

These pretty little sparklers!

Of course have to have some Hermes why not go all the way! A gorgeous birkin and a fabulous enameled cuff.....

Might as well throw in this chic little beret... I will channel my inner Catherine Deneuve!

And a little keepsake for my special friends to commemorate our special day together.....hummm, wonder what it could be! No peeking!

And a little something for my special group of friends!! 2012 only comes along once after all! You know it has to be from Frances best!

To commemorate my 1 year anniversary,I am going to be offering you readers a few fun giveaways. I am going to announce them in tomorrows post, so please stay tuned! Thank you for joining us in the one and only Paris.....what a delightful afternoon! 

I hope you got a chance to see my "Reflections on 2011" post yesterday. It really speaks to my whole Going forward as much as it does what I have learned this past year. Click here to visit! 

Wishing everyone a truly stupendous 2012! Au Revoir!


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