Saturday, 21 January 2012

Update and its official....I HATE moving!

I start off with this picture that totally calms me. If I could be anywhere this is where I would want to be, with the distant sun setting, a perfect cool summer evening, a slight breeze in the air, the fragrant smell of ripening grapes permeating the air...and all you hear is the sound of laughter and lively chatter coming from me, my friends and family all seated in a vineyard in Napa!
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Back to reality......... (written on Wed night)

Hi everyone, admittedly I am writing this while I am surrounded, make that engulfed and practically being swallowed up whole by "stuff". You see I have officially "expired"for today, hence why I am on my computer writing this.  I have been working since early this morning and its now 5pm and I am on my coffee break and I am totally spent. Decided to take a break for today until I can muster another round of energy. And for many of you who have asked, lest you pity me for having to pack up all this "stuff"...we do have packers, (thank goodness) but they are not packing up my closet or personal items, as only I can decide what stays and what goes, and I really didn't want anyone else handling my personal things. 

Just how does one accumulate so much? Never mind don't answer that. Have you ever moved or just gotten on a cleaning/organizing binge and wanted, were tempted to just throw it all out? Start fresh, new and with a minimalistic approach? Well yours truly is feeling a bit of that as we speak. But the problem is I get attached to things and have a very hard time getting rid of them. If I spent a lot of money on something, if its a designer whom I love I feel like I am being disloyal by discarding it, if I wore it to a special something then how could I throw away the only tangible memory from that special night, get the picture. Then, I have that pile reserved for "if I lose 20 pounds" I can fit back into those great tiny linen tops i bought at Calypso, or those super skinny white jeans (did I really fit into those) or that beautiful little fitted black dress...yes you know that kind of pile.(and I am willing to bet I am not the only one with that pile)  Somehow I think subconsciously by hanging onto it, I am hanging onto the chance, as remote as it might be, as remote as Kim Kardashian staying married more than 6 months, that I just might fit into them again. Oh well, one can hope. And dream. And hallucinate. 

So here are a few pictures of things in the meantime I will continue to serenade you with a few more wonderful guests posts and some of the posts i had worked on ahead of time. This week ahead is going to be a busy busy week completing the move from one house to to the next, but I will update you when I am able!  Hope alls well on your end!

Finally the glass for our front door came in (don't mind the paper on top still not yet removed)! So nice to see the light, literally and figuratively!

I was thrilled to see my "pug chairs" for breakfast room look amazing in the new space, had plans on reupholstering these chairs but no more, I  love the way they look, the fabric is older so its taken on a slight "antiqued feel' which is perfect for this room

Living room floors done

Dining room completed!

***************************UPDATE AS OF THIS MORNING...*************************
Spent first night in house it was AWESOME! Unfortunately the only bottle I popped the top on was my antibiotic, yes thankfully caught my strep throat at its beginning, so the champagne toast will have to wait but nothing was going to stop the move. The best part of all....I got my wish, and woke up to nearly 6 inches of beautiful perfect, crisp pristine snow!!!! Had my hubby take a few pics from outside, had to share............its nice to be home at last.

Poor Teddy is confused, being between both places.....poor guy!

Your eyes do not deceive you..that IS something cooking on the very first meal, homemade soup:)

Back to in touch soon!


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