Friday, 20 January 2012

Enchanted guest #12...say hi to Sherry of No Minimalist Here!

Good morning, the great guests post just keep on coming! Today I have Sherry from No Minimalist Here  and I so enjoyed the post she put together on incorporating some of her favorite decorating elements into ones home, many of which are my favorites too! Thanks to Sherry's discerning eye, I bet you too might get some fabulous ideas, Sherry is an antiques dealer and let me tell you she knows her stuff.

Sherry often shares her wonderful projects on her blog and is really generous about sharing her sources, many I have taken note of. In addition, her "open house" parties are a huge hit in blogland and its a lot of bang for your buck because you get to see many different things all on one page. Do visit No Minimalist Here if you are not already familiar, its a wonderful blog always full of something beautiful and inspirational. Thanks Sherry, for filling in while I am knee deep in the laborious act of moving!

Before I let Sherry take the floor...I just had to share a few "credentials" with you on Sherry's talent, think the pictures speak for themselves!! (these are all from Sherry's beautiful and charming home)

Hi everyone.
My name is Sherry and I write the blog No Minimalist Here. I am honored that Tina invited me to guest post here today as she gets ready to move into her amazing new home.

Our home has been on the market for a lot longer than we ever anticipated. This hasn't kept me from dreaming, and planning our future Florida home. Pinterest has been a great resource for me and I thought I woudl show you some of the decorating ideas I like and have saved.

It's no secret that I love transferware,and anything blue and white, so of course I am considering this color scheme for the new house.

via Traditional Home Magazine

I also want to add the Intaglios I make for sale on Etsy

These are some examples I like.

Source Unknown

I also want to add a few coastal is Florida after all!

This is the inspiration board I put together for the living room. We
already have the French armoire, mirror, clam shell and sea grass
Of course, I'll be adding some blue and white transferware
to this room .
Are you as addicted to Pinterest as I am?


Love it Sherry! What a beautiful collection of elegant goodies as inspiration for your living room. I recently started using Pinterest myself and can clearly see how it could easily become an addiction! Its a lot of fun and an amazing resource for well......just about anything! Be sure to stop by and visit Sherry over at No Minimalist here when you have a minute. Do any of these elements appeal to you or have you used them in your own home?

Thank you for stopping in...hope to be back within a few days with an update!

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