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Enchanted guest #10.....say hi to Stacy from Conspicuous Style!

Good morning, well the goodness and talent just keeps on you are in for a real treat from my buddy, Stacy from Conspicuous Style.  Stacy is a talented designer (her own gorgeous home is proof of that) and she has a wonderful and stylish eye that is always picking up on all the greatest trends and looks. I can count on Stacy to enlighten me on a hot new designer, or of a trend soon to find its way into all of our homes.

 She has great style and I am amazed at some of the projects she has done on her own (hello gorgeous monogrammed lampshades) to projects she has done for clients.  I love this post that she put together, all about the top ten "do it yourself" craft ideas that anyone can do! I am so inspired, I may just have to try my hand at a do it yourself project one day soon.  This is a fabulous post and one I am sure to bookmark. So sit back and enjoy.  Thank you Stacy for being here today! And please stop by and say hello to Stacy, click here to visit!

Now before I let Stacy share her post..I had to share with you some "evidence" about just how talented Miss Stacy is. I respectfully submit exhibit A, B, C, D and E below. (all her exquisite home) Crazy beautiful, huh? Yep, thought you  might agree!! Stacy, sorry I just had to brag a little on your behalf:)

Wow, what a master bedroom!
Gorgeous living room..she does color better than a Crayola box!!
Her beautiful study...
Her dining room and the monogrammed shades that SHE made!~
Her kitchen/breakfast room

Tina, thank you so very much for asking me to guest post during your big move. I am honored and thrilled to be here!

I want to show you my favorite decorating and DIY craft ideas that I saw this year.  I think they are all unusually creative, and some, I think, are brand new. It is so hard to come up with a truly "new" idea, as we all know, and I was extremely impressed with these.   I hope you enjoy the round up!

1. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint 

This amazing paint took the blog world by storm this year, and rightfully so.  Here are some of my favorite projects:

Miss Mustard Seed:

Maison Decor:

 From Annie Sloan:

2.  Candice Olson's Tree Branch Art

She used these fallen branches and twigs, cut them all to the same length, and framed them as art.  She is a genius in my book. Period.

3.  The Twiggy Chandelier     

The first is the original by Suzanne Kasler, and the second is the practically free copy by BE Interiors. This is probably my favorite DIY of the year:


4. The DIY Floor Cloth 

Also one of my favorites this year, and really ever, is the floor cloth that Laura at Design Share made out of fabric (a tablecloth in this case) and polyurethane.  Brilliant!

5.  O'verlays   

Danika and Cheryle are making history with their O'verlays, and I'd be crazy not to include these.  They are flexible, paintable pieces that you attach to certain Ikea furniture to make it look custom. Look how amazing this new product is:

6.   The Re-purposed Chandelier

So simple, but I would never have thought of it.  Look how beautiful an upside down chandelier looks with candles in it, by On Home Design:

7.  Tree Branch Curtain Rods   

I love the tree branch curtain rods by Olive and Love.  I'm not sure if she was the first to think of this, but it's the first place I saw it:

8.  The Book Wreath

Again, I don't know if this was done first at The Inspired Room, but it is one of my favorites that I saw:

9.  Homemade "Cut and Paste" Rug 

 You have to check this out at Vintage Revivals if you are the DIY type:

10.  The Many DIY Coffee Tables 

From a pallet, at Joy Ever After:

A suitcase, made by Ashley and featured at Design Sponge:

And a door, from Style-Files:

Again, Tina thank you so much for having me here today. I am thinking about you during your big move, and am SO excited for you!

xo Stacy

Wow does she know how to create a post or what!! If this isn't going to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and go and try to tackle a do it yourself project, can't imagine what will!  Love it Stacy, I am tempted to go out and get my paintbrush and tools and head straight to the hardware store! But for now I have a big move to contend with. Very inspirational indeed. Do stop on over at Stacy fabulous blog, and say hello,click here to visit her.  Thank you Stacy and to everyone for stopping by. Wishing everyone a wonderful Saturday!

PS I hope to prepare a brief post tomorrow about our current moving situation/updates.....since so many of you have been so kind to ask!


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