Monday, 2 January 2012

My one year blogging celebration and a special award!

Good morning to all my enchanting I announced yesterday it dawned on me that yesterday was a major one year blogging anniversary!! To celebrate, and this is so celebration worthy...a few giveaways are in order! I want to first thank you, my many loyal readers and followers and my fellow bloggers for coming abroad, staying with me even as I was trying to figure this whole blog business out and being a constant source of encouragement, support and inspiration! I look forward to whats ahead and hoping for many more years!

 I am offering a few giveaways of some of my favorite things to celebrate. One major prize and I DO mean major and a bunch of fun little things! To enter all you need to do is leave a comment, and if you want a second chance, you can like me on Facebook.You heard right, Facebook!  Can you believe it.....I finally figured it out and set up a Facebook page for The Enchanted Home (still figuring that out) but in due time! Click here to visit me on Facebook.  I will announce the winner(s) on Wednesday morning.  The giveaways are a few of my favorite things that I use often and enjoy....

MAJOR PRIZE....courtesy of  Safavieh Home! This is an amazing prize, so good luck! (If you want to be eligible for the rug, you must also leave a comment on Safaviehs Facebook) Click here to do so.

This gorgeous hand tufted 100% wool rug in beautiful washed colors is inspired by an old Persian antique design, the elegant and timeless Tabriz. This is 6x9 and waiting for its new home to some lucky winner!!

Prize 1....My favorite Candle from Seda France, scented with peonies, its amazing!!

Prize 2.....Another Seda France favorite, the container alone is so gorgeous and the scent, Asian Pear is decadently fabulous!

Prize 3....These adorable his and her or "king" and "queen" coat/towel hooks, feel like a royal!

Prize 4....This adorable French inspired Apron, have one and love it, its pretty enough to leave on!

Prize 5..... I love Trish McEvoy cosmetics and love this little bag! This wonderful little kit is a great travel bag. It includes little compartments and separate removable zippered cosmetic bag filled with some cosmetics and skin care. 

Good luck everyone!

Now onto this wonderful award bestowed upon me.....The blog on fire award!

I was so happy and honored to receive this wonderful blog award from not one but TWO   friends, Debra from Acquired Objects and Teresa of the lovely Splendid Sass. A little about these two fabulous blogs....Acquired Objects, a beautiful blog showcasing Debra's fabulous taste, elegant Vermont abode, mouth watering antique textiles and her penchant for all things beautiful and then there is \ Splendid Sass, which features the most beautiful heavenly interiors, uber talented designers and their work, and she always sprinkles her blog with a devine recipe! Of course their infectious, warm personalities shine through loud and clear! Thank you Teresa and Debra. I am so lucky to count you both as friends. Part of accepting this award is telling five things about myself and then passing along to five other here we go!

1. I am SEVERELY claustrophobic, even looking at an elevator makes me shake, I kid you not. Happened 20 something years ago when I was 8 months pregnant living in NYC, and went to visit someone and rode the elevator from hell. Alone, no phone, with a totally possessed elevator which resulted in a permanent condition of severe claustrophobia! The good news I always take the stairs no exceptions wherever we are.....including having walked up to the Rainbow Room at the top of Rockefeller center!!

2. I am such a kid at heart, I love seeing the world through kids eyes.....still have to admit I get excited over visiting Disney, walking through magical Epcot and the Magic Kingdom, unlike most who get exhausted, being there in that magical venue just revs me up and gives me a new dose of youthful energy!!  I think at this point in the game, my kids are way over Disney so I guess I will likely have to wait for grandkids....argh!

3. I cry over Johnsons baby commercials, Disney, Hallmark and even over some of the diaper commercials. Think its a combination of looking back, quite fondly on a time that will never be again (when my kids were really young) and just thinking back to that precious innocent time when the mere mention of Disney world or a new toy would mean wide eager eyes, a smile a mile wide and the biggest bear hug one could hope for! Now I get grunts from my Chinese rapping son who makes an occasional appearance from his "crib" upstairs. (actually hes a beyond polite boy but the Chinese speaking rapper still

4. That I really think I will want to move out to the country one day and fulfill a lifelong dream to plant a mega garden, herbs, vegetable, fruit, floral you name it! Grow my own olives and bottle my own olive oil, a few fig trees, a tomato garden to rival all tomato gardens. You get the picture! And have a few horses, cows and chickens. Maybe even open a small restaurant on the property, always dreamt of building a small quaint but charmingly elegant restaurant that only seats 12 or 14 right in the middle of the crop fields! Wouldnt' that be neat? Will you come and be my guest? I promise I will also have one heck of a gorgeous guest room waiting!

5. I know I am mildly OCD, and have many obsesssions!  You now know my penchant for even numbers, to the point where when I get gas I must like to stop on an even number! One other such obsession is my obsession with apres ski wear.  I LOVE Gorsuch. Do you know of them? I seriously NEVER throw one of their catalogs away...they have the most beautiful things! One look a their amazing offerings online or their catalog, and you will "get it". And those "other things", well when I discovered a BLT sandwich I ate them every day for a month, current obsessions are with coffee, Hermes anything (those two have been long time) , cozy pj's, anything equestrian(not a new obsession always loved it), velvet chairs,sofas and ottomans, the colors gray and camel together, white marble anywhere, copper pots, urns of all sizes preferably a little aged, moving into my house, anything old and French, the palest blue/gray color palette in a room, chunky gold charm bracelets, and taking an amazing vacation sometime soon!

There...that's a bunch of random facts about me, don't you think! Now for the second part...passing it along. I have SO many blogging friends who are SO deserving of this award, but this time around I am handing it out to someone who A. I have never awarded before and B. someone who is a little newer (at least to me) and C. someone whose blog I really love and anticipate visiting!  So (in no particular order) congratulations to........(Please click on each one to visit, they are all wonderful treats and I promise if you don't know of them already you will be happy you do now)!


And thank you Debra and Teresa for the gift of your fabulous blogs and of your friendship! I cannot  wait to really meet one day and know Teddy and Dylan will be fast friends!

Before I go, ever see a commercial that you just want to share because it is so darn cute, well here is one that I think is one of the best I have seen in a long time. Have you seen it? That baby is SO cute, I can't stand it! And what a personality!!

Cheers to everyone for following along, I just know the best is yet to come!
Enjoy your day and happy 2012!

To recap, by leaving a comment here you are eligible for all giveaways (and a second entry will be given to those who like The Enchanted Home on Facebook)  BUT to be eligible for the rug you must also visit Safavieh's facebook page and leave a comment, make sure you mention you are from The Enchanted Home! Good luck!


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