Monday, 16 January 2012

Which would you choose?

Hi everyone! Below is a post I worked on in advance of the big move happening this week. In addition I will be featuring various guest posts during the coming week which I know you will enjoy... I promise you are in for a treat! And I will surely be back with updates when I am able!

OK so for this weeks "Which would you choose", you get to imagine that your husband has been offered the job of a lifetime, no way could you turn it down and to entice you, its in your dream town...where ever that might be. So imagine you are headed to your dream town and now you get to choose your new dream home! Below are seven scrumptious abodes....I cannot wait to see which you will decide to call home! Tell me which one and why and where it would be...cannot wait to hear! I think I am torn between two, but see something beautiful in each and every one!

CHOICE 1, Sprawling European manor home

CHOICE 2, French influenced with surprising transitional touches inside

CHOICE 3, European influenced home on a large parcel of land

CHOICE 4, a Southern coastal home near the lake

CHOICE 5, A gorgeous beach house.....

CHOICE 6, an elegant coastal setting

CHOICE 7, maybe city living is more your speed

Hummm..this is a hard decision. Something for everyone, so go ahead scroll back know you need to, and let me know which is your top pick and where oh where would it be? Enjoy your evening......


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