Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Designer Spotlight: Palm Design Group

Hi everyone......things are moving along, just super busy as you can imagine trying to settle in and get somewhat organized, feel like we are just scratching the surface. Tomorrow next round of personal belongings arrive, so it will mean another frantic round of unpacking, organizing, sorting,etc.....but I hope to do a small updates post in the next few days, I promise! Here is a post I worked on in advance and I still have a few more amazing guest posts coming your way....

Hi there! I found the Palm Design group by accident looking through a design magazine in our hotel, The Phoenician (which I highly recommend by the way) while in Scottsdale a few years ago. I was immediately taken and smitten over their knack for creating beautiful rooms that combine American sensibility with the trace of a European feel. Their spaces are light and airy, inviting, classic and above all else supremely elegant.

 I was intrigued and suddenly started to see more of their work  published which is very understandable. After looking at their portfolio, I realized their entire body of work is quite spectacular. Based in Arizona, this firm has officially won me over. What I love about their rooms, is that they feel like they could have been there for years (my favorite kind of space) and are really timelessly elegant. The interiors are simple and very classic, not fussy, overdone or too formal. I love the vibe that that seem to create time and time again. Clearly this is a very talented group over there. Take a look and see what you think about their look. Enjoy......

These colors are so beautiful together, what an inviting and elegant room!
Great kitchen, full of character
Lovely guest the "chest" console and bench
Here the mantle appears to take center stage, a very inviting space 
Love an ottoman in a bathroom, this ones a beauty
A delicate dressing table....
Soft colors make for such a cohesive feel to this bedroom
Another charming bedroom
I love interesting sinks and vanities, don't you?
Wow a visual masterpiece!
Absolutely love these colors...cools and warms, beautiful!
A tonal and very elegant living room
Those soft washed colors soothing
Love this bath, the perfect balance of rustic elegance and coziness
Amazing how something so simple can be so beautiful
Love these chairs flanking the gorgeous stone fireplace
This backyard is everything about it!
Ahhhh...something about a white bathroom and how gorgeous is this settee?
Love the colors in this room, the light is just fantasy like.
Great looking space, with its vast size, high ceilings, this is one dramatic room
Wow...just wow!
I want this!
The light colors do it for every time.....makes it so inviting
Gorgeous kitchen with the old hand molded brick floor, stunning!
Love lanterns and they apparently do too!
Arent' these colors so soothing for a bedroom? Love the washed floors.....

How gorgeous are these rooms?  Do you have a favorite? What do you think about this particular design style? Would love to know which and what you think about the cool soft palette they tend to use. To me, its a winning combination all the way. I especially love all those washed woods mixed in with the rich blues. And those outdoor spaces, so glamorous and beautiful! Wishing everyone a wonderful day!


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