Saturday, 7 January 2012

Meet our newest additions, happy Saturday and pretty posts to ponder!

Good morning,  we are trucking along...things are happening people! Today we are starting a a massive "clean up", you can imagine the dust, dirt,etc that has accumulated.....the plan as of right now is that we will have the moving trucks trucking on over Thursday morning but will continue to move odds and ends into the house early this week. So as of Thursday, fingers crossed we may just be spending our first night there!

 I hope you have enjoyed the wonderful guest posts I have featured lately,  with more to come in the next two weeks! I have been so lucky to have had some amazing blogging friends pitch in to help out (wouldn't you agree) and there are plenty more to come, you will see me here occasionally during the week with some posts I have prepared in advance speckled with more guests posts, and it will be this way until I have moved and start coming up for air. For anyone who has moved, you know whats involved, I don't need to explain. That said, since blogging as I have said before is my "therapy" I will be coming to blogland just as often as I can, you can bet your frappucinio on that! (yummm..that sounds so good right now).

Anyway, just a few things I wanted to share....loooooong awaited stove and the finished family room mantle. Love them both so  much, just had to post some pictures!  And a few other odds and ends, as well as some of your questions answered, which I got many from last Thursday, so this is a bit of a hodge podge post. And we are off..........

Allow me to present the newest addition to our long awaited stove!!!!!! Tah dah!!
(Imagine there is a fancy red carpet) 

And then our second finished and newest addition, the completed family room fireplace (pictures a little grainy as it was getting dark and didn't have my "good" camera)

And a few of your questions answered.....

What is the color of the laundry room cabinets? Stark Paint "slate II", or you can have your local paint store make up their match, (easily done)

Who makes the crystal and nickel sconce in my guest room and the hallway sconces? Both came from Decorative Crafts

What color is my bathroom walls and trim? We took linen white and added one part white to tone down a little of the yellow, and used white dove on the trim.

What kind of flooring did we use for the wood floors? Premium white oak, with some mahogany inlays. Almost as important if not as important, is making sure you have a very good finisher.

Where did my marble floor come from in my bathroom? That came from the queen of waterjet marble....New Ravenna. It is Calcutta gold in the Djinn pattern. Their things are exquisite and they truly can do anything. Click here to visit their site.

Some are still asking about the grill in the kitchen? It is from Heathcast in England.

(If your question was not answered here or via email feel free to email me)

And finally some posts to ponder that I have enjoyed as of late (some old and some new).......great idea to go through these if you have a spare chunk of time this weekend and a good cup of coffee:)  Enjoy!

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HAUS DESIGN, one of my most favorite posts on al fresco entertaining!

SWEET ALMOND crostinis so these were calling my name!
VERANDA INTERIORS....the interior of this plane is too good to not share!

MY SWEET SAVANNAH...such a beautiful, charming and inviting home!

A FEMME DU CERTAINAGE.....A fantastic post on detoxing, a great way to start the new year!


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ACQUIRED OBJECTS.......this post does justice for beautiful blues!


So, these should keep you quite busy for awhile, and trust me they are all worth the visit! I have many many more where this came from and will be sure to share my favorites that I keep in my treasure chest of keepers in the coming weeks. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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