Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Which would you choose?

Before I begin.......paging NITA JO, winner of the transferware pitcher giveaway. I have posted this on my blog and on The Enchanted Homes Facebook page, unfortunately if I do not hear from you by tonight, I will be selecting a new winner and announce the new winner tomorrow morning.

Hey there! How is your week going? Mine is going fairly well, a few hiccups but what is life without them. I got the idea for this post when I was invited to someones house for a beautiful girls only intimate dinner. It made me realize how much I missed entertaining and having friends and family over for impromptu lunches and dinners. Always great fun to plan an intimate gathering in your home, when you are in the mood that is! But when you are not, it can be a real chore. For arguments sake...lets imagine you are very much in the mood to plan something!

This weeks Which would you choose is a fun one. Imagine this (you know I like to set up my little scenarios) you have decided to throw a dinner party in honor of a very good friend. Maybe 8 or 10 of you, you are even hiring a chef for the occasion so you can be a guest at your own party. This dinner is going to be away to a destination of your choosing for the night. It could be wine country, the wild west, the beach, a penthouse....use your imagination! You get to plan the whole thing out, where, when and how you want it. Down to the dinner courses and dessert (best part if you ask me) its time to choose the dining room setting for this here we go! Feel free to include any details of your "party' that you care to include.......

CHOICE 1 Nirvana in Napa

CHOICE 2 Country elegance

Elissa Cullman

CHOICE 3 Beach house bliss

CHOICE 4 Dinner in a barn

CHOICE 5 Brick walled beauty
Arch Digest

CHOICE 6 Penthouse panache
Charles Allen

CHOICE 7 Charleston Chamer
K. Carr

CHOICE 8 Tropical splendor

CHOICE 9 Wine cellar chic

CHOICE 10 Rhapsody in blue
Phoebe Howard

CHOICE 11 Ski house sensational 

CHOICE 12 Formal and fabulous
John Bobbit

CHOICE 13 The sleek sophisticate
Keith Scott Morton

CHOICE 14 City chic
Sherill Canet it a clear cut chioce for you? Or did you waver back and forth between a few like me? I am going between the ski house with the snow capped mountains view (because I can imagine how cozy it would be) to the so inviting wine cellar dining room and Napa setting to the fabulous tropical setting because that means we are going to be in warm balmy weather and yummy tropical drinks  and that sounds pretty good right about now!! Have you ever thrown a dinner party for girlfriends in your home? Tell me about it!  Can't wait to hear which you choose! Wishing you an enchanted day!


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