Tuesday, 12 June 2012

30 heavenly reasons why I love hydrangeas!

Good morning.....

I really have, truth be told many many more reasons than just 30 as  why I love summers poster child.....yep that gift that keeps on giving all summer long, the hardy gorgeous hydrangea. In all its many colors, its one flower that gives a lot of bang for the buck. I realize not all parts of our country are blessed with its billowy bushes but even for those who are not,  I hope will enjoy taking a look at this post. 
I pretty much have always had hydrangeas blooming in our yard and always have an arrangement or two or three in the house all summer long. Few things signify summers arrival than the non stop blossoming hydrangea bushes that abound. So....without further adieu, here's 30 reasons why I absolutely love hydrangeas!  How about you? Do you have the same love for them as I do? Whats your favorite way to use them?

What could be prettier than hydrangeas in pots brimming with full and overflowing blooms!
In any container, hydrangeas literally are a home run every time! Talk about versatile.....
What could be prettier than a luscious border of overflowing hydrangea plants?

Even in a simple glass vase they make the most elegant centerpiece!
Seriously? Wow, proof that theres no such thing as too much of a good thing, Caplan Miller Events
Carolyn Roehm, one of my favorite decorating doyennes uses hydrangeas often

Growing wildly, they are the jewelry to any landscape....
Love the beautiful arrangement Ashley Whittaker created for this elegant console
How gorgeous are the colors here? Love dried hydrangeas as much as I do freshly picked ones!
Love these mini versions in gorgeous blue and white, Lonny
How can I not include this picture that's been all over the Internet? It still makes my heart race!

Tell me what flowering bush produces even half this many blooms!

Mary McDonald loves them and shows them to perfection with blue and white
Proof that even in the most formal of settings, hydrangeas are right at home, in this case in pretty elegant silver planters
Love the way the purple in the blue and whites pops against the fabulous green walls!
Something about all white hydrangeas, just ethereal. Style me Pretty
Could this cake be any prettier? Hydrangea heaven!
Love hydrangeas in big oversized planters for around the pool, Ashley Whittaker
A beautiful vase of full hydrangea blooms in a bathroom is a surefire way to add some freshness from the outdoors
I always try to incorporate them into whatever I put into my blue and whites, case in point here!
How stunning is the purple of the hydrangeas next to the dramatic black in this room!Hydrangea girl
Blue and white and white hydrangeas go together like Oreos and milk
Carolyn Roehm is clearly a fan, and why not...they are spectacular!
What a great idea for July 4th, BHG
Love seeing pretty arrangements in outdoor settings too, Tom Scheerer
These stunning purple hydrangeas at sunset almost look like they are illuminated from within, florals by David Kurio
Now you tell me what flower looks as good dried as it does fresh off the stem? Fabulous at every stage!
I like adding a small bouquet of them in the kitchen, a beautiful way to bring a little of the outdooors in, Simply Seleta
There are no flowers that hydrangeas don't look fabulous next to......

Last to close on a humorous note....my bud, Jennifer from Belclaire House made me aware of this  video, can you imagine someone NOT liking hydrangeas? Well you will never guess who......why does this not surprise me coming from someone who fancies a British accent on certain occasions and kind of forgets about it on others...lol!

Madge, I am disappointed, and why would he know that? The world LOVES them:)

Hope you like hydrangeas more than she does :) Wishing you a fabulous summer day!


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