Friday, 4 January 2013

The bedroom chronicles part 1

Before I begin the bedroom chronicles, I have to share two things with you.

For anyone who was interested in the dough bowls last round...but was not able to get one (they sell out really fast) I was lucky to snag another 6. My vendor called yesterday that he was unloading the last of a container from Belgium  and they just opened up a large armoire to see 6 bowls hiding in there! So he offered them to me, they are approx.  20-27' and as are all the bowls from this vendor, they are GORGEOUS! So email me here if you want one (I feel like these are kids that I am putting up for adoption every time I get some in)

Second, one of the many perks of blogging is the exchange of information and vast resources that come our way. Do you believe in miracles? I do, and was completely touched by this story, of a young girl affectionately nicknamed "Soup". Just so happens Soup is the cousin of one of the dearest people in all of blogland, Suzanne from Privet and Holly. It is also happens that she has leukemia. 

Soup has one big wish, to meet up with Carrie Underwood....want to help that become  a reality? Watch this video and pass it on! She is determined that somewhere along the way Carrie may see it. Such a beautiful girl and that smile could light up a room. Say a prayer for Soup, I know I am. Thank you Suzanne!  You must watch this.....and if you want to see Suzanne's amazingly beautiful post click here.

Is she the cutest thing ever??? Please pass this on......once you see this you can't forget it! Rooting for you Soup!

Hi there, well I alluded to the fact last week that my bedroom is finally getting the attention its long deserved. This really should have been done first, but the discontinuing of that darn wallpaper threw me into a tizzy and the bedroom got put on the back burner. Now almost 9 months later, I am ready to put the pedal  to the  metal on this room aka my private sanctuary ! I think few rooms are as important as a bedroom. After all you spend nearly half your day there.

 At the end of a long and hard day, is there anything better than walking into your bedroom, closing the door (and eyes) and just breathing in the peace and serenity. I don't think so...I live for those moments! A lot of people ask me about how I go about starting a room. I generally advise that in a perfect world...its best to start from the ground up, if you are able. OR if there is something that has struck your fancy, whether it be a wallpaper, a lamp, a decorative object, a pillow, often times those things can inspire an entire room to come together.

So in my case, since the wallpaper that once inspired me to do this room soup to nuts did not work out....I am starting with the carpet. After a battle of wood floors vs. carpet alas my husband finally gets that carpeting feels sooooo good and toasty on our feet especially in the dead of winter. So we have finally decided to go for it. Its now narrowed down to two wonderful choices (below). I have also included a snippet of the magnificent monogrammed bedding my mom gave us for a housewarming gift, cannot wait to put it on! And then what follows are some beautiful bedroom inspirations for my bedroom. Tonal, soft, tranquil, serene, cloud like are words that  shape my vision. Ready? Let s go!

The are the two front runners and a snippet of the gorgeous gray blue monogrammed bedding (on ivory).......

 This is with the blue background.....

 And this one with the ivory background.....

  So its between the two with the blues..........would love to know your pick!

Have had these lamps in my vision for ages............and they will become mine!!!!!!

A touch of blue and white in a bedroom...heck yes!

And here are some images that have been in my dream bedroom file for a while for one reason or another.....
These are "my colors" love the monogram, elegant retrained canopy, the overall feeling is just right!

Love the tonal feel, so soothing and of course LOVE the monogram! Check out the beautiful shirring detail on the top, Phoebe Howard 
Not my colors but do love this bed canopy, not too "frou frou" so my husband can still feel like a man in his own
Love the idea of two chairs and an ottoman in front of the fireplace....sooo cozy! Brunschwig and Fils

 Love the softest hint of color here and the creamy white, has such an ethereal effect! Belclaire House
 This room looks so inviting, love the plumpness of the bedding, the fireplace and the pretty chair and ottoman, and is that a blue and white vase I spy! Jean Randazzo
 Is this not saying just jump in now and don't leave!! This could be a hard bed to leave in the morning:)
Do love a bench and the soft draping, beautiful warm colors make this so inviting and elegant, Eubanks
I would feel like a princess! P.Howard
Love the softness, all the light and airiness......BHG
Talk about elegance meets cozy....I could sit there and read for hours and hours!
This is the very picture of soft, serene and spectacular, love the scalloped detail on the window treatment

Of course love the monogram and interesting headboard, Good Life of Design

A classic, soft and feminine, beautiful bench, love the carpet, Cathy Kincaid

One of my faves, love the bed the scale, colors and window treatment, Traditional Home

A beautiful room. Period. Kelly Proxmire

Soft and elegant, love the pale blues, the drapes and how inviting this feels. Kelly Proxmire
Do you see a common theme? Light? Check. Pale blue? Check. Soft and serene? Check. Billowy light flowy fabrics? Check. Mushy gushy bedding that you can literally sink into? Check check!
Gorgeous soft lighting? Check. Though these are each different, they all have a certain dreamlike/cocoon- ish quality to them. That is very important to how I want my bedroom to feel. I am getting excited about getting this off the ground, now that some of the elements are coming into place. Once I decide on the carpet, (want to order it by this weekend).....I will be well on my way! Here's a little mood board I made to give the overall vibe of the room still a work in progress you gives you an tell me whats important to you in a master bedroom? 
Thanks for stopping by! More to come on this subject. Much more:) Have a wonderful Friday.

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