Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Can we talk diets?

First off...my heart and prayers go out to the people of Boston and all those affected by this senseless tragedy. It is a painful reminder of how vulnerable we are still are as a country.  To anyone directly affected by the events in Boston yesterday, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and send my wishes for a world at peace.

OK this is bound to generate a lot of talk. Diets. Ugh..I know I know that dreaded "d" word. Too many of us know it. Well....mine has officially begun. I have a goal to lose ultimately about 25 pounds, but am saying 20 for now (sounds realistic). Been on a diet for about 4 weeks, lost about 7-8 pounds and just when I think its not "that much" I look or imagine a 7-8 pound package of meat, and that is A LOT of weight! (makes me feel better)!

 I am not a scale person, I do not get hung up on numbers except the single digit number I like to see on my clothing label (do not like doubles but they seem to like me lately). With spring and summer looming, and some of my favorite clothes being shown...its time to get busy. I have been on my diet for a little over four weeks now,  I know from experience the first week is always the toughest.

Oh to give up my beloved cheeses, pastas, fresh breads, chocolates...it pains me to even write this much less think of them as old flames. So...I am being good and sticking to it and doing what I need to do (no one said I don't have fantasies about a big bowl of pastas or a chunk of fresh parm and baguettes right out of the oven).....dreaming is calorie free. But I do like to reward myself at 5 or 10 pound intervals with a little celebration meal here and there:).

So...here's my question to all of you, what are your tips? For anyone who has lost weight, whether its 2 pounds or 200, what worked for you? What kinds of foods sustained you? Snacks that were sure things? How much water? Did you weigh or didn't you? Come on..do tell. Knowledge is power and I bet you will not only be helping me but many others getting ready for the "bare your arms"season...your turn to talk! Here are 5 things that are keeping me going.....


1. POLAND SPRING, drink tons of water. I do think it helps to curb the appetite and I also like to add a flavor enhancer like Crystal Light's mini packets with some great flavors like raspberry, lemonade, mango, many good ones!

2. CHOCOLATE! I LOVE these because it allows me to at least think I haven't totally had to give up my beloved chocolate. A single brownie (pretty generously sized) is only 90 calories and its quite good and really satisfies my chocolate cravings.

3. ALMONDS.Carry these handy little packs with me everywhere I go. When I am hungry,I just nibble on these at 100 calories a package, it allows me to hold myself over between meals.

4. FRUIT.We are big fruit lovers, as with everything, this too is in moderation but I find keeping big bowls of cut fruit in addition to a meal gives me a little sugar without being too decadent.

5.SALADS. I have come up with some pretty creative salads, eat lots of Greek salads, love a good tex mex salad, a Chinese chicken salad, we all know often the hidden calories are in the dressing so I normally do not give into temptation and ask for it on the side. 

A recent discovery (not shown) which I am LOVING are the Kelloggs Special K crackers/chips. They are soooo good! 90 calories a bag, it gives me the salty crunchy fix I need and miss from when I used to pop open a bag of "real chips" or crackers. These are perfect to keep in my bag for an "on the go" snack, THANKS KELLOGGS!

 Your turn to talk and share your tips. What has worked for you? Any secrets we should all know about that you care to share? I know above all else, this is one thing likely MANY of us have in common, we have all at some point been on a diet.

I welcome your ideas, tips or strategies. Some days are granted easier than others, the busier I am, the easier it is...being on vacation surprisingly makes dieting for me pretty easy, so guess I need to go on more trips! LOL...can't wait to hear your two cents!! Enjoy your day.

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