Saturday, 27 April 2013

Weekend musings and a winner!

Hi there. Hope you had  a good week.  The sun is shining and at last spring has sprung! Sure hope that's the case where you are! This is not one of my really long posts but I wanted to pop in to say hello, and announce a winner of the darling wicker spreaders. First off, congratulations goes to-


How exciting Tina - it looks so cozy and inviting. Congratulation! BTW - I LOVE the blue glasses!! love the pattern and the color.

Emily @ TownAndCountryShuffle

Please contact me here to give me your shipping details

My little party last Sat. (well not so little it was nearly 100 people)  turned out beautifully especially thanks to the glorious weather. I could not have custom ordered more picture perfect weather, seriously it was incredible! I had a photographer here and have a few of his pictures here and a little  peek of what I took with my iPhone (I got so caught up in getting everything together that I eventually had to put my phone down and get busy)!

I finished with my planters, added white flowers (big fan of white flowers against green). The only planters not staying are the big square ones in the back, not my thing and I am not a huge fan of that style tree in it, but until they get picked up, here they stay and they kind of "blend" anyway so it is fine for now......

(This was before I got my furniture, got the furniture in a few days later...just as well)

Food arriving.....

And a few pics from the photographer as things were getting set up......

Are you a shoe girl? I love shoes and have a a closet to prove it but must admit comfort trumps I have stayed true to my love of flats, and am a big Jack Rogers fan. I just ordered the new Georgica sandal which I think is so chic (and comfortable), it looks great in every color! Click here to visit good ol' Jack.

Thinking of ordering these pillows from Frontgate (Sunbrella material) for my loggia.....

Here's the loggia as a reminder with my new furniture which I am crazy about,  if you missed my whole post on the loggia unveiling, click here.

Shop news..... Just added this gorgeous new planter to my statuary line. It comes with or without the pedestal. I just ordered both and cannot wait to get them! This line is one of my favorites. I have ordered many planters and statuary pieces for people that had certain size requests. The line is very extensive and truly fabulous! If you are looking for a specific size, let me know.

And got this new style candle from the beautiful crystal urn gardenia candle line say hello Lacey....isn't she pretty! The smell is intoxicating, definitely my favorite candles in the whole world!! One of the great things about these candles is that they are poured into these lead crystal containers that when empty are wonderful decorative objects that can be filled with candies or you can send back for a refill! (this will up on my online store by Sunday)

Click here to visit my shop.....

So what are you up to this weekend? We are going to a birthday party for a friend tonight, I will be spending the day tomorrow helping my son finish up a 12 page paper he has been working on for weeks and we are having a few family members over for a casual dinner. Hope whatever you are up to is wonderful and relaxing! Thanks for stopping in and wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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