Wednesday, 8 February 2012

35 reasons why I love decorating with blue and white

Good morning! I think you all know by now how I love blue and white. Why? Well for starters, it is so  crisp, elegant, refined and timeless. Love decorating with blue and white, and best thing of all it goes with any color decor and virtually with any style. Coastal, city sleek, farmhouse, country home, elegant traditional, old world, French, you name works!! 

So today a tribute to beautiful blue and white in all its many variations. Used as an accent, its a beautiful and timeless addition to virtually to any room, or used as the principle color can do no wrong! I know in my house, it always has a home and will be found in several of my own rooms. Have a favorite way to decorate with blue and white? Tell me about it!


1. Blue and white doesn't get much prettier than this! TH

2. Thorton designs mixed gorgeous blues with a little green to perfection!

3. How pretty is this setting? LOVE it! Monroes bistro

4. Always works with earth tones!

5. Traditional with a little fun blue and for me! Thornton

6. This beautiful vignette by Joseph Minton shows how stunning warm woods work with blue and white

7. It looks beautiful gracing a desk and in the form of a lamp, Knight Carr

8. Amazing the impact a pair of blue and white ginger jars can have in a room, SLC

9. Love seeing blue and white against very dark woods, Eclectic Revisited

10. Navy in a room is always rich and regal, Horchow

11. Blue and white look fabulous with accents of soft buttery yellow, K. Carr

12. The blue and white here is the perfect compliment to all these fresh beautiful colors on this porch!

13. This beautiful room in an unexpected combination of pale green and peach gets a crisp accent with the blue and white jars perched on brackets, Thomas Burak

14. Love a collection of ginger jars atop a beautiful chest, the crowning touch!

15. How great looking is this blue and white jar wallpaper? Guess who.....Ralph Lauren!

16. Blue and white is so beautiful against timelessly elegant dark wood, HB

17. As soft and wispy as a feather, this delicately beautiful bed is from Ralph Lauren

18. In a funkier more transitional space, blue and white still rocks!

19. Something about that navy and white against very dark wood that gets me every time! Beach glass Designs

20. Love the pops of dark wood against the crisp blues and whites, beautiful! Thornton

21. Its so charming how the blue and white accents liven up this pretty neutral kitchen, Alamodeus

22. Such a pretty combination for outdoor entertaining inspiration, Carolyn Roehm

23. Love the blue and white in this elegant setting, Kellogg

24. Blue and white by the coast is always perfection...SLC Interiors

25. One of my most favorite window seats and sitting it!! 2 Michaels
Really like the elegant and coastal vibe on these beds, Coastal Living

26. How about this fabulous bath getting bathed in blue and white? Martha Stewart Living

27. Come to Mama, love this setting, so pretty and feminine.....K.Carr

28.Blue and white accessories are the perfect touch in this stunning kitchen, Downsview

29.Blue and white is always dramatic in a neutral toned this! William Eubanks

30. Blue and white is as beautiful outside as it is indoors! Veranda

31. Ashley Whitaker used a pair of blue and white garden seats in this pretty transitional space

32. Always thought this bathroom is so very pretty with the elegant accents in navy and white, T.Keller Donovan

33. Neutrals and in this case beautiful tonal linen is a great compliment against crisp blue and white, House to Home

34. Roger Davies hit a home run in this stunning blue and white room!

35. Think this small space is so beautifully done, love the fabric! Martyn Lawrence Bullard

There you have it......35 beautiful ways to decorate with blue and white.  Truth is I could keep going and going and going, it never gets old and I never stop being inspired by it. What are your thoughts on blue and white?  Have a favorite room here?  Would love to hear! Wishing you an enchanted day.


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