Tuesday, 21 February 2012

One word with Barbara of Hampton Hostess

Good morning and welcome to my "One word" this week with the lovely Barbara of Hampton Hostess. If you know Barbara and are already a fan of Hampton Hostess then you know her for her beautiful taste, refined eye, and always stunning perspective on everything from exotic travel to great art show coverage to elegant menu planning. I always take something away with me when I visit Barbara. Now, if you aren't already familiar with Hampton Hostess, then you are missing out on a lot of fun and some serious eye candy!! You must pop over for a visit. 

I am delighted to have her here today as my guest for my One word series. And Barbara, I read it top to bottom with a smile on my face, stunned (well not really) at how many of your answers would have been my exact replies, it was amazing! Everything from Tory Burch as a great style icon to all shades of blue being your one color choice, love of travel and humor,  to Tuscany and .....well the list goes on. Enough of my babbling....... here's Barbara!

Barbara from Hampton Hostess

One quality I love in people is.....humor-you have to be able to laugh at yourself and what life brings your way.

If my house could only be furnished in one color it would be.... it would definitely have to be blue,so many beautiful shades

One luxury I cannot live without-taxis-I live in NYC!

If I had to have one designer decorate my entire house with zero input from me it would have to be....Steven Gambrel-his work is fresh and timeless
If I had to choose coffee or tea it would be....coffee-french roast please.

One place I have been that I would love to go back to... Turkey.

One place I am longing to visit is... Thailand

One talent I wish I had was... singing in perfect pitch

I think most people would agree I am... very funny.

If I could change one quality about myself it would be....be more organized

One career I could see myself having would be....as a travel writer-passport and pen always ready.

If food is therapy, when stressed I indulge in....chocolate--any kind!

One of my favorite brands for clothing is...Jil Sander

If my life were a book, the title would be- Life Doesn’t Come With A Script

My favorite flower is- peony.

I would love to have coffee and a chat session with this famous person..... Grace Kelly

A favorite TV show...addicted to Modern Family and Mad Men

Hollywood is... vacuous

Tuscany or Provence? definitely Tuscany

The next presidential election will be... a disappointment.

The one best thing about blogging is..... meeting new friends.

A guilty pleasure for me is... bubble baths keep me sane!

A clothing designer I think that has great style-Tory Burch

My strongest quality would have to be....loyalty.

The best restaurant I have ever been to was... Per Se in NY-extraordinary meal and they send you home with a box of lovely macaroons!

Most overrated actor/actress is... Jennifer Aniston

If my life were a documentary, I could see this actress playing me- Cate Blanchette, that would be fabulous!

One thing I like about my appearance is- my eyes
One thing I can honestly say I love about myself is... I’m a really good mother

Town or country? Town, I’m a city girl

One person I admire... my mother

Pick a decade to live in, any decade.... roaring 20”s-flapper dress for me-don’t hold back on the beading or champagne

My favorite room of my house is...my bedroom

If I were an animal I would be a.... my labradoodle Dash-what a life!

A book I would recommend to everyone would be.... Just finished, Steve Jobs-brilliant book

If I were planning a huge family reunion, this is where I would want to have it..... We had a family reunion  last summer in Lake Como Italy it was fantastic

One thing I wish everyone could be more of.... kind to each other
In one word life is.... beautiful

OK, Barbara...here is what I propose, we both become fast friends with Tory Burch, take a trip to Tuscany for a month, eat to our hearts desire, making sure we have chocolates for breakfast every morning, fresh roasted coffee every afternoon, take singing lessons, and keep out passports handy for our eventual trips to Thailand and Turkey. (We can be sure to bring boxed editions of Modern Family along for the trip as I love it too). And the whole while I will serenade you with my singing (because I am such an amazing singer) my family would be gagging right now if they heard this.

 When all that gets old we will figure out a way to go back in time, and the roaring 20's would be my decade of choice too....so glamorous! That's how much we have in common! Sound like fun? Thanks so much for such a wonderful post.....really "took me away" to some of my favorite places and things! Hope you all enjoyed it and hope you will swing by Hampton Hostess and tell her so! Click here to visit. Wishing everyone a fabulous day.

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