Monday, 20 February 2012

Which would you choose?

Good Monday morning to you! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was good...a perfect  combination of seeing friends, down time, a lazy Sunday and finally got to go to a movie last night! Saw The Descendants, which was fabulous! I loved it, a few people I know that saw it had mixed results, two really liked it, one said it was OK and one found it too depressing. It was poignant and the character that George played I thought was exceptionally graceful given the card he was dealt. I found it fascinating. To me its real life, George was amazing and it was a darn good movie, plus with the backdrop in Hawaii, who can complain!  Anyway because I am craving a getaway big time, I have daydreamed about everything from a jaunt to Paris to a perfect ski trip in the Rockies. I had so much fun putting this post together. Admittedly I do not enjoy skiing as I once did. Now if I go and its a big if,  the conditions have to be perfect, by that  I mean 55 degrees or higher, no moisture in the air, brilliant sunny skies, fluffy white powder to ski on, absolutely no ice, a perfect weather day oh and did I mention no one else on the trails that I ski on. Yea right, keep on dreaming, I know!
This brings me to my post today. Here's the and a group of your best girlfriends have decided to rent a luxury ski house for a long weekend (and I do mean luxury with a capital L), its a celebration of friendship and just so happens a few of you are also celebrating birthdays! So this week, you get to choose your ski house. I mean seriously I wouldn't even have to leave these houses, give me some great food, an unlimited amount of aromatic coffee, great board games, fun magazines, interesting reading material, and I am good. I will even stay and cook up a storm so that all you adventurers can come back to a bevy of amazing meals at the end of a day.   I will let the others go brave the elements, with a house like this to stay in...I will be happy camper just staying in! This will give new meaning to the words "cabin fever"..... So as difficult as it is, time to pick your ski house! Good luck!






Homes 1-4 pictured above done by the uber talented firm of Locati.....amazing work! Home 5 by Aspen Ski Homes

A little "vent" here and a question to all bloggers who use the word verification when leaving comments...why all of a sudden is every word like a mini novel? I am having to spend more time figuring out the bleeping word than I did leaving the comment! Its so frustrating, is this a new Blogger thing??? flash to my family.... I might not be going home!  I may just decide to wing it out west and become a modern day cowgirl. Seriously how beautiful are these homes!!!  How fun would it be to hang out there for a long weekend with your nearest and dearest! Does anyone second a bloggers confernece in one of these snow palaces? Can't wait to hear which one you choose!


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