Monday, 13 August 2012

30 MORE reasons why blue and white ginger jars rock!

Good morning .....finally a beautiful less humid day over here!! How was your weekend? Finally the horribly humid weather broke yesterday and we had a spectacular day. Started it off by going on a walk with a few friends, then hit a local farm for some fresh fruit and veges, I got basil the size of a small tree! Ended it with seeing the Bourne Legacy,which we thought was excellent. Jason Renner was fantastic (and this is by no means a genre I normally enjoy) but it really kept you on the edge of your seat! Sister coming in today with family on way back from Maine so I will be busy entertaining today. I have a very busy week about you? Whats new in your world?
OK, if you have been visiting my blog even for a few hours, its no secret that I LOVE blue and white, all things for that matter. But especially blue and white porcelain and bring it up a notch and make it blue and white ginger jars. Is there not a room in the world that doesn't and wouldn't look sensational with them? I think not! i have seen them in the most unsuspecting places and sure enough, they looked stupendous. I am a firm believe and a self appointed president of the blue and white ginger jar club! So here we go....30 beautiful reasons why they just rock my world.
Wish I could remember where I got this picture, you can see why it was worth saving!
Talented Tobi Fairley knows the power of a ginger jar in the dining room!
Flanking a kitchen sink? Why not! Jennifer McGee
Gorgeous large grouping of blue and white 
A close up of above.....beautiful!
Love the idea of a cluster of them on a coffee table, Joy Tribaut
Love this space and the varied ginger jars add just the right "pop" to this magnificent room, Nancy Corzine
Adore this gorgeous collection of blue and white jars and boxes on this console, Trad Home
A beautiful tall classic ginger jar with a floral arrangements on a dining table is always gorgeous!
Christy Ford dreamt up this stunning space, love every single element here!
My "recipe' for when in doubt for what to put on any chest, add two well sized ginger jars and something in the every time! Leta Austin Foster
Arranged on a mantle ledge, in varying shapes and height is an interesting way to add subtle interest to a fireplace
Love them behind sofas...John Bossard
Pretty idea to add the two ginger jars on the French door window ledge, Leta Austin Foster
They make the perfect statement piece on a coffee table....Rinfret
Ginger jar them! Will soon have many in my store!
Of course I am love seeing ginger jars displayed on elegant brackets like Linda Floyd does
Love how the blue and white jars pop against this lime green painted piece, gorgeous! Mary Louise Drysdale
Love how Jennifer McGee used a number of ginger jars to accessorize this beautiful kitchen
Beautiful statement to make with one jumbo ginger jar filled with a spray of flowers, my own picture
House the idea of adding oversized jumbo ginger jars next to a sofa (have to remember that)
Stunning in this stairhall landing against all the white and dark wood accents, Lonny
Love the idea of an oversized jar overflowing with long stems, my picture
Few things make such an elegant statement as filling a hutch with blue and white porcelains!
How about a beautiful pair on a dining room? Absolutely! My pictures
Who said they are only for the indoors? They are gorgeous outside!
Tell me what is prettier on a party table, then a gorgeous blue and white jar filled to the brim with wide open blooms........
I love blue and white ginger jars as part of a centerpiece...makes such a statement! Have always loved this picture!
Amazing how adding a few key pieces of blue and white can add just the right amount of "jewelry" to a room, Holly Matthis
Ginger jar heaven.....Jennifer McGee 

So are you a ginger jar fan like me? They just have a way of adding that special touch to any room, and best part is they are affordable. Lots of impact!  If you are in the market for ginger sure to stop in at my shop. Just got replenished with a bunch of wonderful large ginger jars. Here are some of my personal favorites, many that I have in my own here to visit my store.

And by next week will have these ginger jar lamps! (taking orders now so contact me if interested).

Thanks for stopping in. Would love to know if you are also a ginger jar fan...and whats your favorite way/place to use them? Thanks for stopping by today, and wishing you a wonderful day!


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