Monday, 20 August 2012

A perfect summer day with Teresa of Splendid Sass!

Hi and happy Monday to you! Did you have a nice weekend?  Hope you are off to a great week, hard to believe we are nearing Labor day!! I am so happy to welcome a wonderful friend and talented taste maker, today to offer her take on a perfect summer day.  Say hello to  Teresa of Splendid Sass. Teresa is one of those people that everyone loves. Her wonderful blog is one of my first stops every morning and I am always treated to a great parade of design pictures and serious inspiration that often leaves me drooling and wanting more.  I never miss a post of Teresa's and seriously cannot imagine my blog world visits without her!

 I love her taste and her take on what is beautiful. Beyond her wonderful taste, Teresa is a genuinely kind and giving person...a generous soul and one who is loved by everyone. So naturally I am happy to count her as a friend and fellow blogger.  I am delighted that she is here today with me to share her take on "A perfect summer day"! As I expected, it is just nothing short of perfect. Take it away Teresa.............

My perfect summer day would start at this time of the morning (or afternoon)..... 5:30 AM

The bedroom I wake up in would look something like this...... white sheers, blowing in the sea air, with piles of white linens, and seagrass covered floors.

And my bathroom like this... black and white with a large Jacuzzi bathtub, a rain shower, and a huge window overlooking the beach.

A favorite beauty product I love to use during the summer........ Keratin Complex Conditioner to control the frizzes caused by the humidity.

And this is an ideal summer outfit that you might find me frolicking in....... a shift is my all-time favorite beach and home outfit with a pair of sandals or espadrille. I love the tee-shirt shifts too!

My view from my bedroom in the summer looks like this...... a beautiful view of the ocean at every time of day, especially stormy weather.

And of course this perfect summer day is located in........... 30-A

For breakfast I would indulge in........ Eggs Benedict and fresh fruit with honey poppyseed dressing. Fresh orange juice and coffee. Bloody Mary on the weekends.

After I am showered, fed and revved up to start my day, I will....... go shopping and later in the evening play tennis.

For lunch this is my absolute favorite summertime meal...... raw oysters or Mexican.

An afternoon snack might comprise of........ a smoothie.

My afternoon activity would be......... a nice nap.

The ideal summer drink is........ Pina Colada, Mint Julep, and of course Sangria.

This is what would be served for my ideal summer dinner...... Seared Sea Scallops or a Kona Crusted Filet and Lobster at George's. I always have a gelato or sorbet for dessert.

And where I eat it might look like this........... I really love to eat on the deck in the evening. The smell and feel of the salt air breeze is amazing.

A perfect summer ending to perfect summer day would end.......... a walk on the beach with a glass of merlot in hand or a night in a favorite nightspot.

The best part of my summer day is........... falling asleep with the moon above and the waves roaring.

Tina-Thank you so much for this interview. I am honored that you asked me.

Photography/6-Taylor Crouch /21- Carl Coleman /1- Alan Hoelzle/9- Alan Bastenpour//12,15.16 Teresa Hatfield, Splendid Sass

Wow Teresa, you have me wanting to click my heels and be transported to this picture perfect day, the beach pictures have me dreaming! And the idea of walking along the beach at sunset, Merlot in hand is absolutely the best way to end a perfect day I could not agree more.  Love your ideas of an afternoon siesta, and the food at George's looks DIVINE!! One question, I know we are all wondering is the picture of all the dolphins in the wave "for real"? That is the most amazing picture...and to have caught it on film, even more astounding. Thanks for sharing with us your perfect summer day, my bet is that you have a lot of people out there dreaming right about now and even more that would be more than happy to share it with you. Click here to visit Teresa over at her blog, Splendid Sass. Thanks for stopping in....wishing you a wonderful summer day.

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