Monday, 19 November 2012

A perfect fall day with ME!

Good Monday morning to you. Hope you had a nice weekend, ours was quite relaxing, and it was wonderful! Went out to dinner one night and saw the new James Bond movie last night, have to say we both left a little disappointed. There was something missing....I missed the sophistication and glamour of the earlier James Bond movies, might be just me but glad I went anyway.

 It is with a little sadness, that I close out my fall series, A perfect fall day. I absolutely love fall! A season that shows us nature at its most beautiful, a season to hide those arms that haven't seen enough days at the gym,  a season to cozy up in chunky cashmere sweaters and chic scarves. Fall sports, football, comfort foods..need I say more? Fall rocks! So as I did with my summer post, I am closing out this one with my own perfect fall to join me?

One word that comes to mind when I think of fall……spectacular!

One of the most wonderful things about fall is.......the change in the weather, the crisp air,fall foliage,  bright skies and soft breezes that rustle the leaves.....that's fall to me! 

My favorite fall color is…………loden green (especially gorgeous in a birkin bag)!

On a perfect fall day, I would wake up at ………6am (my body clock has decided this is it...for all 4 seasons)!

To the sound of…………the rustle of the leaves brought on by a brisk fall breeze
The view from my window looks something like this.....

The ideal fall weather could be described this, but not too cold, just enough to warrant a lightweight cashmere sweater and scarf, dry and bright sunny skies.

My ideal morning activity would be………reading  while enjoying a leisurely and indulgent breakfast (could I take it a step further and request this " in bed" preferably on a beautiful bed tray) :)

This is a fall outfit you might see me in………often includes boots and a cute jacket!

A favorite product (beauty or otherwise) I like to use as the weather gets nippier…………Jurlique moisturizing day cream, smells wonderful and is super rich and nourishing for my dry skin.

For a fall breakfast I would indulge in………I have to say pecan pancakes, with fresh maple syrup...yum!(and of course coffee)!

My favorite daytime activity in the fall is…………taking a long leisurely walk with Teddy by my side or strolling through a quaint Vermont or upstate NY town on the prowl for great antique stores!

Here's whats on my plate for lunch.......Something warm, a big bowl of soup and fresh crusty bread or maybe even a crock of chili.

Around 3pm you might find me…………………needing a catnap on my porch with the fall breeze lulling me to sleep

An afternoon "pick me up" snack might just of course!! Maybe with an almond biscotti to keep it company:)

For dinner you might find this cooking on the stove.............Definitely some kind of soup and stew! I love them  in the fall and winter and it would be a great time to make my beef bourguignon served with a nice warm crusty baguette...heavenly!

The perfect way to end a perfect fall day would be………………jumping into my newly done bed in my guest room! I love it...makes me feel like I am away (even if its just a few doors down "away")!
So...there you have it, my perfect fall day.  Does this tie in, in any way with what your perfect Fall day would look like? Thanks everyone for stopping in. Its kind of bittersweet that this is the last fall post I am doing:( I do love fall so much but there is a lot to anticipate with winter too....that first snowfall, the holidays, wonderful meals spent around a lively table, holiday parties! How about you? Are you happy to say goodbye to fall and welcome winter?

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