Sunday, 11 November 2012

Napkin ring nirvana and a napkin ring giveaway!!

Hi there and happy Sunday to you.......hope you are having a great weekend. I was in Boston which was loads of fun, got to see a few friends and met my blog buddy, Amy over at her gorgeous shop Mason Decor (more on that later this week). As things are settling down and slowly getting back to normal around here post Hurricane Sandy, I am busy busy busy with my own little shop, ordering, fulfilling orders,etc....and having so much fun. I have to say it is truly a labor of love:) One of my most popular items since I started carrying them is the magnificent napkin rings, all are custom and hand done, pewter coated and best part...made in the good ol USA!! These are truly works of art and comparable rings from well established competitors are fetching upwards of $200 per ring. I have introduced these at a very very well priced 45.00 a ring. They will be going up  (slight price increase) soon but will still remain at  far less than the competition.

 Best part you can literally customize your ring! You can say 'I love those dogs on the slide but want instead for it to be a terrier or a Cocker spaniel" or I want " a lab pulling the cart not the squirrel". You dont' get to customize much in today's world so this is partly why they are so special. I think these could well be collectors items one day! Many of my customers personalize the rings and several have bought them for large sit down holiday dinners and have personalized them according to the person who will be sitting that idea!! I am happy to feature some brand new additions to the gorgeous napkin ring family.....

I am offering 2 custom rings to be given away as a giveaway! One lucky winner will get to choose her two customized napkin rings. All you need to do is visit my shop under napkin rings, tell me a favorite and how you would use them. NAPKINS RINGS ARE UNDER NEW ARRIVALS. I will announce a lucky winner on Friday morning. In the meantime here are the new styles...some really fabulous additions I must say!

Lab and pheasant



Animal conga line (can be customized with any assortment of animals and/or pets)

Schnauzer in a tub (can be with any dog or cat)

Sly fox and 2 birds

Mama kitten washing baby kitten

Love this new one! Two animals and a tea party

Another combination of animals at the tea party

One of three varieties of the "tea party"

Cat giving a "haircut" to his puppy friend

2 pelicans standing guard

Beautiful cherub holding baby

Another view

Pair of animals on moving see saw (again can make with any pair of animals)

LOVE the Santa's!!! They come in a smaller Santa holding something and a bigger Santa

Close up of the detailing....can you imagine a beautifully set table with these?

Holding a Christmas festive!

One of my personal faves, the deer!! I just ordered 12 for myself for my holiday table...exquisite!

They are each slightly different

These are the bigger Santas

Love the one of him with the little dog!
Basset Hound hanging on a park bench

 Sailor boy with anchor

Other side

Basset Hound going down slide (can be any animal)
Aren't they beautiful? I get so excited when I get a delivery..they are sometimes hard for me to pack up and send off. I want to keep all of them! The normal reaction when people get them is to write me telling me how much more beautiful they are in person (very true) and that they are so heavy (also true). Just very special pieces! Click here to visit them and come back here and tell me your favorite. I will announce a lucky winner on Friday morning.
Remember....all anonymous you must put a first name and last name initial. For those of you who often email me with your entry, you must leave a comment HERE on this post. It is very easy even if you don't want to/have  a gmail account. Just go to where it says "leave a comment" On the drop down you can choose either "name" or "anonymous" and then type in your comment. That easy! Just remember for those leaving a name to include your last name initial (often there are more than one with that name) Good luck! Happy Sunday to everyone......

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