Monday, 16 September 2013

The beauty of boxwood and a boxwood giveaway!

Hi there! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! There is boxwood and there is boxwood. I am so excited to have discovered a beautiful new line of persevered boxwood that is outstanding. They are a natural compliment to the many planters of all varieties, that I carry....tole, porcelain, stone and silver. Extremely elegant and they truly work in any style room. To me, boxwood both in and outdoors is a no brainer. I love boxwood so much that I could see myself as president of the NBA. That would be the National Boxwood Association. And no,I don't think such a thing exists but if it did I would run for office:)

 So today a look at boxwood in action (with  focus on using them indoors)  and then a look at the beautiful new line I am carrying how and I am using them in my own home. Do you like the look? Perhaps already have boxwood somewhere? Tell me about it! And finally details on a boxwood giveaway on the bottom!

 LOVE  a boxwood garland for the holidays...Bright bold and beautiful

 Gorgeous boxwood topiaries, Bungalow Blue Interiors
Few plants can offer the perfect pristine effect of a manicured boxwood garden

 Vicki's front door is something that stops me in my tracks, every time I see this glorious picture! French Essence

 The symmetry of the classic boxwood ball is something to behold, Belgian Pearls

 The tailored look of boxwood is so beautiful, love this pair of wreaths with a simple brown bow

Boxwood is a magnificent choice for use as elegant! Deb Lilly

Love a simple boxwood ball placed on an elevated hurricane holder as shown here, gorgeous!

Boxwoods in the garden are simply sublime! Boxwood Terrace

 Jan of The French Tangerine fame has a true knack for keeping her boxwoods picture perfect

LOVE this front door...the lush vibrant greens against the black is incredible!

 Boxwood outside a front door is always such a stately and elegant statement, Homedesignideas

Even at a formally set table, a simple boxwood in a terra cotta planter is always elegantly understated

 Boxwoods and old chipped stauary go together like shrimp and cocktail sauce....its yummy! Atelier de Campagne
Love the idea of mixing hydrangea, boxwood and pumpkins for an uber elegant take on Halloween! ERB Designs
 Carolyne Roehme clearly knows just how to use boxwoods to perfection....there is no setting too formal for them!
The lush green color is perfect set against black and white, Traditional Home

 Adore this wonderful rustic and elegant table setting with boxwood taking center stage, Jenny Steffens

 Boxwood in the garden is simply most favorite gardening plant, BHG

 Love the structural effect of large boxwood orb and topiaries potted in big planters, stunning!

Even placed in simple metal planters in a garden....their beauty is undeniable

Love the idea of adding the apples to these boxwood orbs...fabulous! Bear Hill Interiors

 And of course few places exemplify the beauty of boxwoods like The famous Marqueyssac Gardens are located at V├ęzac, France, the Perigord region. Visit the website to see more, its fascinating (and check out the constant clipping noise to mimic the round the clock pruning that must go on there) Click here to visit 

Now here are some of the new boxwood items I am carrying in my online shop and how I am using them in my own home.....

And how I am putting them to good use in my own home.........

Some of you asked about the black tole scalloped planter like I have above, yes there are 2 pairs left ($115) one set of three ($145). Email me if interested by clicking here.

And finally a giveaway! I am giving away one 6" boxwood ball to create your own boxwood beauty. To enter just visit my boxwood line in my online shop and come back here and tell me your favorite item! Click here to visit my shop. I will announce a winner on Friday morning. If you want a second chance, visit the Facebook page of The Enchanted Home and leave a comment. Good luck!

As always, many thanks for stopping in....wishing you a fabulous Monday and great start to your week!

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