Thursday, 6 October 2011

Things I am loving Thursday and house updates!

*My apologies, some of you have emailed me that you are unable to comment due to blogger issues, sorry,.not sure whats going on. I have experienced this myself with a few other sites, hopefully it will be soon worked out*

Good morning, can't believe its Thursday already! First how sad is it that Steve Jobs has passed away? I was shocked and saddened that this visionary the likes of which we have not seen died far too young. But boy did he leave an indelible mark on his legacy that will no doubt never be forgotten. I was impressed with the little I knew of him, how he thought and what his goals aside from his career ambitions were. A very charitable and giving human being, his gifts and brilliance have changed the world forever.
 Well, good things are happening over here albeit feels like in slow motion at times, which its really not, just feels that way!! The details really do take the longest, are the most labor intensive and require the most concentrated decision making, don't you agree? I know in the end, however it will be worth it. The latest move in date, and this is one that both my husband and I agree on, (so think its really "legit") is sometime between Nov.1st and Nov.15th. He has a business trip to take mid October and I keep joking that he will return to find me all moved in, but seriously who am I kidding? That's no easy feat and will most definitely require him to be here too. So, my friends I start with house updates and then a few other goodies.......

Also I know everyone enjoys seeing the result from "which would you choose" and yesterdays post featured a selection of gorgeous bathrooms, so the top four were......and for those of who, who were curious as to what my choice is, my faves were actually a three way tie, between #7, 14 and 16. Though there clearly was not a bad one in the bunch!

                                                    1st place with 18 votes

2nd place with 15 votes

3rd place with 14 votes

4th place tied with 13 votes each

And then there were three coming in as a three way tie with 12 votes each and then it tapered off from there...thanks for being part of the fun! Always so interesting to see what people love!

HOUSE UPDATES. Buzz word this week is MARBLE!! As in marble countertops, yes those marble countertops! I am over the moon with how they came out. I know I know, way too many pictures but it was getting dark, the lighting wasn't great and I got a little carried away....just scroll fast! And I apologize about the very random order, wish I could say there is a creative reason behind it...but there's not!  The only thing we don't have yet is the island marble. This is in the works, its been challenging to find two big enough slabs, but the search is narrowing and there are two things that are strong possibilities. I am loving it so far!! The finishing on all the woodworking/moldings continues as does the painting. Sanding of wood floors upstairs nearly done and then staining, then finally carpeting will be put in the bedrooms. Limestone is coming Monday, was supposed to be here today, so its delayed a few days:( I am going to have some really fabulous pictures to show you of the loooooooooong awaited front door surround next week fingers crossed!  All update pictures are below.....

Mantle in master almost done being primed
Part of master bedroom shaping up

My bathroom taking shape

The middle panel will have mirror.....
Deciding between antiqued mirror or plain, am going to add rosettes.
Paint looks very yellow here it is NOT. This is the future full length mirror
They did a great job on the molding (looks very yellow for some reason)

Final cabinet color, left side no glaze, right side subtle pale gray glaze, am going to go with the glazed version to give it a little depth and pick up the marble veining..thoughts?

Closeup of the mantle/marble hearth in master

Trying out hardware for butlers....what do you think?

Simple but interesting

Sons bath countertop got installed....

Oops back to my bathroom

Finally the long awaired countertops in kitchen......Tah dah!!!!!!!!!

PEETS COFFEE. I speak of my love for Peets often, what can I say, I am a bona fide coffee addict, I admit it. OK, so I don't clothes shop anymore, I buy  Hey, it could be worse. A lot worse. I have tried I believe nearly all of Starbucks "bold category" coffees and to me in my humble coffee barista wannabe opinion...they don't hold a candle to Peet's French roast. It is heavenly. When I had my candy sushi making session a few weeks ago I wowed all the moms with it and now they too are addicted. If you like coffee, be prepared to really love it once you try Peets.....and no I don't work for Peets, just love the stuff!

FIG AND OLIVE RESTAURANT IN NYC. Had relatives in from out of town and we were in the city, having a ball. Its been so long since I have gone out for the day like that and it was fun! I discovered a fabulous new restaurant and cannot recommend it highly enough, between the fun, elegant, upbeat and vibrant vibe to the fantastic, perfectly seasoned food served from an open kitchen, all in an incredible space with soaring ceilings, awesome service..this place rocked!! I cannot wait to go back! In case you are near NYC, or visiting its a must visit. Click here to visit their website.

A GREAT CHARGER. Don't you love the way a great charger adds so much to a table setting? Whether its family casual or guest formal....a charger adds a definite panache to any setting even when pairing with a super simple plate. I am particularly into scalloped chargers. Here are a few i think are great looking......

 O Gallerie


 Neiman Marcus pewter

A FEW LAST MINUTE SURPRISES! Hot off the presses! They just finished (just about) installing the countertops in the pantry, and I am loving them! Also the inside the cabinet lighting in the kitchen, it was getting dark and my camera had run out of battery so pardon my Iphone camera quality but you get the idea!!

So thats the low down over here!! Plenty more to come. Thanks to everyone for following along and your kind and encouraging comments and emails. Means so much. Wishing everyone a very happy day!


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