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Beautiful belljars.......

Notice I changed the pictures in my header? I figured why not change it up to reflect summers light, airy vibe with a blue and white touch. Hope you enjoyed a relaxing and happy, safe Memorial day weekend.Hard to believe summer is officially here, we ended up having a lot of fun, it was more action packed than I originally was hoping for but once in the throes of all the activity, gotta admit we had a darn good time!

Before I begin, I was so honored to have been featured in a really fabulous online magazine spread, Belle Inspiration. If you arent' familiar with it, you are missing out, its a wonderful online magazine created by tastemaker Mimi, and is wonderful treasure of all things French. I was so honored when they asked to feature me and The Enchanted Home shop! Click here to visit (click on May/June issue) . It begins on Page 79-80. Its worth heading over! It is such a beautiful spread....thank you Belle Inspiration!

One of my favorite kinds of lighting is bell jars. Just like the ones I have in my kitchen which is what prompted me to even start carrying them in the first place. They are classic, elegant, don't detract, just enhance and are always such a perfect choice when in doubt. They also provide a nice soft lighting, nothing too strong but a definite room enhancer.  I have seen them work their magic in the most traditional spaces to very light airy modern/transitional ones.  So today a look at them in all their beautiful glory...what do you think, do you like belljars? Have them? Would want them? Would love to know!

So first my own belljars, funny for lanterns that were supposed to be "temporary" I think they are now staying. For good. They literally look perfect here, and for anyone who has seen them, they have thought I am crazy to consider switching them....so looks like they are home sweet home. These are the "tulip etched" design........

I love the etching, gives it such an old world appeal

Belljars hold their own in the most spectacular and formal of spaces, Barry Dixon
Love the way the belljar was used in this showstopping foyer, Intrinsic Designs
Love the belljar in this super chic bathroom, Jennifer Eisenstadt
They are the perfect choice for a bathroom, House Beautiful (Same line as I carry)
This pair in nickel by Dana Wolter adds just enough tradition to a somewhat transitional feeling kitchen
Love how Barry Dixon used a belljar for this beautiful girls room

Rinfret chose a beautiful etched glass belljar for this beautiful and stately dining room (Same line as I carry)

Even for dramatic spaces, JMA

Rinfret used a collection of four (these are the line I carry) to create an interesting lighting design
Belljars are perfect for hallways and gallery type spaces, James Michael Howard

A pair of belljars is like a sure thing above an island, Deborah Lehman 
Belljars to me, are always the perfect choice for baths and smaller spaces too (same line as I carry)
Adore this closet by Barry Dixon......the belljar is a perfect accent here to not detract from all the fabulousness in this space!
Adore this space by Mary Evelyn, the belljar is a great compliment but does not detract from the beauty of the room
A trio of pretty belljars work perfectly with the scale of this long island

This is the cut star design, used beautifully in this stunning bath, Rinfret (same line as I carry)
A pair of belljars with a bronzed finish looks beautiful in this kitchen, James Michael Howard

The pretty and "go with everything" starburst design is a perfect compliment to this pretty dining room, Kristin Panitch
Belljars are my favorite lighting for hallways, both big and small, Bacco (same line as I carry)
Belljars can hold their own even in the most formal of spaces, as executed by Barry Dixon
This is the diamond cut pattern and reflects light beautifully (Thes are also from my line)
For a cleaner crisper feel, the polished nickel finish gives a nice gleam and adds to a crisp aesthetic
I think they are perfect for transitional spaces like small vestibules, Intrinsic Designs

Love the oversized scale Thomas Hamel used for this cozy elegant breakfast nook
Love the mix of styles here, the belljars with a highly polished nickel finish were a great choice, Downsview
Homey Design shows that even in more transitional spaces, belljars are a great choice
Love the way the belljar here adds the effect of lighting against such beautiful window, Barry Dixon
Another pretty example of why these always work for above an island! Alexandra Luhrs (From my line sa well)
Ralph ( as in Ralph Lauren) yes we are on a first named basis, uses belljars in his personal closet! Smart man that he is:)
For tall ceilings, they do a nice job of anchoring the volume of the space, Doma Architects
Barry Dixon chose a tinted belljar for this elegant bath

Even in a more formal room like a dining room, belljars look fabulous, prefer the ones with the metal tips for dining rooms, Rinfret
I think belljars are an ideal lighting option for foyers and vestibules, Barry Dixon

So....do I have you hooked yet on belljars? What do you think? Do you like the subtle way they add interest to a space yet don't compete with what else is going on in the room as some light fixtures do? I think thats one of the most redeeming qualities about them, besides their versatility is that that they add interest, beautiful soft lighting but do not detract from what else is  happening in the space.

Reminder for anyone thinking about belljars from my shop, my approx. 20% price increase is effective tomorrow June 1st. They, even with the increase will be still be considerably less than my competitors, but right now they are as low as they can go! Thanks for stopping by and would love to hear your thoughts on belljars! Wishing you a wonderful day.


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