Friday, 25 May 2012

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Hi there......hope you are off to having a wonderful holiday weekend, whether you are on the road, traveling, doing something big or nothing at all! We are going on a friends boat, have dinner plans and invited to a BBQ, and possibly having some family over,  to me the perfect way to spend a lazy holiday weekend. Originally, we were going to go to Newport but my sons team is in his county playoffs so he has to be around for practices, which is just as well. I am looking quite forward to a more low key weekend. I would love to do some gardening too but have to admit I am petrified of getting poison ivy, to which I am highly allergic and its rampant here! Hopefully the weather will cooperate with our plans, it has been ridiculously rainy, muggy and humid all week long...we need a break! How about you? Whats on your agenda? Anything exciting?

So here  this is just a bunch of randomness (something I am getting good at)!

So we finally got in the last batch of sconces for our downstairs hallways and leading down to the basement. So nice for it to finally be done!

Was so excited that I got my wallpaper done in the powder room! Bad news is we were short, originally we were going to have a chair rail and paneling so we ordered paper under that assumption but then I decided against it, so we are short 2 rolls, getting it next week and will finish then but you get the idea! Love the mood and the way it transformed the space. Cannot wait to get the onyx top and sink put in, add the chinoiserie feeling mirror and get some window treatments done, add the chandelier and we are done! Its kind of a pewter metallic-y paper from Schumacher (one of go to faves) in warm and cool tones...... Woo hoo.....

For those of you who didn't see my window treatments in my bathroom, here they are....for those who did sorry I am just loving how it came out!

One of the lines I carry that I love love love is the European kitchen line, so finally got a few Bavarian bread boards for myself....really really like these! This weekend I will serve crostinis and a baked brie on them. In the meantime, they are pretty just to have on display.

One of the fun parts bout blogging is discovering new sites, new people and sharing our discoveries along the way! One I recently discovered and adore is Jenny Stebbens. She is a talented modern day Martha! Love her style, aesthetic and her user friendly approach. A fabulous go to resource for recipes that are not difficult but really fabulous and the presentation will see what I mean! So she came out with her Summer guide on everything from grilling recipes, appetizers, drinks to table absolutely must check it out! Click here to visit  and a sneak peek.....

Sorry if I am making you hungry so early in the morning! 

Also don't you just love getting exquisite little care packages in the know what they say about small boxes! Well,  I got this magnificent necklace and earrings in the mail courtesy of my buddy, Marsha from the beautiful and super stylish blog, Splenderosa. Yes,the one who recently launched her online store featuring all kinds of gorgeous extremely affordable baubles! How stunning is this? We have never met yet she knew right away the colors that I love. Here it is...along with some of the things found on her beautiful site, click here to visit her!
Everything is 14kt goldfilled, the earrings and earrings are gem quality London blue topaz
factted briolettes, the pink is pink tourmanline and the luscious big drop is aquamarine!

Thank you Marsha.....LOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!

And some other beautiful items in her gorgeous online shop.....

Click here to visit Splenderosa!

Just planted (still working on it, have to add more moss and wrap in cellophane and pretty ribbon)  this beautiful orchid in one of my favorite silver planters that I carry in my online shop,  to bring to someones house, part belated birthday and part thank you for having us over.....kinda want to keep it but I will be a nice person and give it to her:)

So everyone, that's about it around here. Happy to wrap up a busy busy week, a good one, a productive one but alas a tiring one! I am looking forward to some down time and hopefully Mr. sun will decide to grace us with his presence! Hope whatever you are up to is lots of fun, enjoyable and mostly relaxing! I may be back over the weekend to pop in and say hello.......


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