Monday, 28 May 2012

Which would you choose?

I hope we will all take even just a single minute out of our fun filled days of BBQ's, beach outings, picnics, parties and get togethers to remember and reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day. To stop and say a quick prayer to protect, honor and applaud the heroic job that all the brave men and women are doing overseas this very minute as well as the fallen who have sacrificed their lives for our great country. Truly the most noble and honorable job there is, in my humble opinion. i am in awe of what they do in order for us to continue living our lives of freedom, safety and independence.  

Good morning! Happy Memorial day! How is your holiday weekend going? Ours has been fun, good quality time spent with family and friends, today we are relaxing around the house until we go to  a BBQ around 5, I am hoping to hit a garden center and maybe do a little planting. The weather has been pretty nice, not perfect and we had a few random rain showers but for the most part its been sunny, and despite the humidity, I am not complaining!

Today's which would you choose is to put yourself in the role of being a hostess, hosting a housewarming party. Naturally your guests will arrive bearing various types of housewarming gifts. Fun fun fun! I actually am needing your help  for real here, as I am going to someones house next weekend in CT. who just moved into a beautiful new home. I am deciding what to give her (from my store naturally) as a housewarming gift. So I need your input and your take on what you think you might like most to receive as a housewarming gift. As a background, the house is a smaller but very charming Georgian style which she is adding a lot of French influences to. She has excellent taste, likes traditional things and all of my choices are honestly things I know she would love (she has stated as much) She doesnt' read my blog so I know I am safe here and this will be a total surprise....whichever wins is the one I am giving! So thank you for your are the best sounding board out there!

                                                       CHOICE 1 Stylish antler pillow

CHOICE 2 A gorgeous oversized blue and white ginger jar

CHOICE 3 A small lantern for a vestibule in her powder room

CHOICE 4 A beautiful round dough bowl

CHOICE 5 This beautiful silver planter filled with an orchid or champagne

CHOICE 6 A collection of 4 frames to create a small vignette

CHOICE 7 The beautiful very oversized crystal hurricane gardenia candle

CHOICE 8 A pair of these beautiful planters for inside or out

CHOICE 9 A pair of these polo salt and pepper shakers (they are horse people)

CHOICE 10 A canvas art print (she has a thing for peacocks as do I)!

CHOICE 11 This porcelain planter filled with a plant of some kind

CHOICE 12 A set of placemats, monogrammed dinner napkins and cocktail napkins with their initial

CHOICE 13 Farmhouse cutting board
CHOICE 14 A beautiful multi purpose serving tray

CHOICE 15 A pair of these artichokes for inside or out

CHOICE 16 A pair of these pheasants for just about anywhere

So......there you have it. I am really torn as to which to give,I know she will be delighted to receive any of these but since I obviously love them all, am having a hard time! Please give me your input, which you would like to receive and why you think it makes the best housewarming gift! Reminder linens and bell jars are getting a price increase as of tomorrow. If you have been thinking about either of these, take advantage now of the lower price. Thanks as always for stopping by  and your input. So, what are you up to today? Anything exciting or is it just going to be a sit back, chill out, relaxing kind of day? Do tell! Enjoy whatever you are up to.

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