Saturday, 19 May 2012

Pretty posts to ponder and a hello from Teddy!

Good morning......some of the new items I featured yesterday will be added to my store as of later today or tomorrow for those of you emailed me yesterday to ask. Namely the statuary/planters, new porcelains and some of the pewter objects.

Also to all of you who have purchased items from my store...please send me your inspiration pictures, I love seeing what you have done and with your permission would love to add them to my newly added "Your enchanted home" section featuring your homes using my products!

I have over time come across so many amazing posts, posts that have touched me on one level or another, some just really tug at my heart, others totally appeal to my obsession for all things beautiful, some inspire me to run  out and start a project and others are just pure eye candy. I always bookmark special posts that are worth keeping and revisiting in ever growing "posts I love" file. Beautiful things never get old! I do periodically I like to share some favorite posts through my Posts to ponder. IF you have some free time this weekend, its a great way to take a quick trip to "an A list" of beautiful posts all in one fell swoop. I have so many others and obviously it would be impossible to share them all in one post, but in a few weeks i will do this again and promise it will be another treat worth the while! So thanks to all the talented bloggers for putting these together and to all my readers for following along. Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!

Before we begin since so many of you frequently ask about dear Teddy..he agreed he was finally ready for his closeup and agreed to a photo session (his "spread" will publish next week) But here's the man looking like himself again with his hair growing back......he sends a HUGE thank you for all the love, prayers and kindness you have shown.....

And now for our featured presentation...........(click on links on bottom of each picture to visit)
Home Bunch...check out this beyond dreamy Provencal estate!

                         The Paper Mulberry...a farmhouse harvest, totally breathtaking


Roses and about opulent grandeur!


Splendid Sass...welcome to tablescape heaven!

Conspicuous Style....fabulous home office inspiration!

Classic Casual Home...this takes "taco night" to a whole new elegant level!

Chic Coastal Living...when I grow up I want my beach house to look like this!

Atelier de Campagne...remember that eye candy I mentioned? Here it is......

Haus Design.....droolworthy outdoor inspiration!

Splendid about awe inspiring (hope my husband is reading this) Check out the Mothers day feast a bunch of dads, that's right, DAD'S made for these lucky ladies!!

The Enchanted Home.....still love this, a vintage country Christmas!

Jenny Steffens...these meatballs are really really good and the tutorial is fabulous!

Belgian Pearls...excellent and inspiring weekend decoration tips!

The French about one heck of an absolutely beautiful backyard!! 

Castles Crowns and cottages...a beautiful and moving tribute to a mother

So there you have it...those should keep you busy for awhile!  I included one of my own because its one I actually forgot about until someone wrote me about it yesterday, telling me how much she loved it and that it transported her to her childhood Christmas's spent in Vermont and when I took another look at it.....I got that same warm,fuzzy feeling so wanted to share for anyone who might not have seen it. So many beautiful things to see, I swear scouring the Internet for inspiration could easily become a full time job! Minutes turn to hours and a "quick morning computer check" easily could turn into an all day affair!! But its so much fun and its rather mind blowing just how much there is to see and find and discover! Hope you enjoy and hope you have a fabulous weekend. The sun is shining so I am happy:)


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