Friday, 19 October 2012

Late week musings and fall is in the air!

Good morning everyone. Hope you have had a good week. Mine has been crazy busy and I have to admit I am glad its nearly over. Busy day today making candy sushi for a school fair this weekend and I absolutely cannot wait until Sunday....I plan to stay home in my pjs all day, reading, catching up, cooking, doing whatever I please! I need a day like that's your week gone?

 I am happy to announce the lucky winner of one of Anita's beautiful creations from the post on Monday. Congratulations to Mary Casey of Painting and fine art. Please email me with shipping info and thanks Anita for your beautiful giveaway.
Giveaway result:
64  painting and fine art October 15, 2012 11:48 PM  number 4 is so pretty! Thanks for such a cute and creative

The most exciting thing around here lately is that the loggia is done!! So excited and it came out so beautiful. For now we placed a table and four chairs we have owned there to have something but eventually we are going to put the new furniture out there (to be ordered on Monday) and use that stone table and add wicker chairs to it and place it more the corner. We still need lighting but its done and its very exciting. I cannot wait to start using it......

Here's some of what I have in mind......

It's starting to look like fall around here.....absolutely beautiful time of year and with the abundance of trees in our area, I must say its like a magical spell has been cast and its just breathtaking at every turn. It really just started happening a few days ago but I have enjoyed trying to capture a little bit of it on film, here's what I far. I assure much more to come as things really rev up!

Cooking and baking are practically synonymous with the word holidays. I fell over seeing these delectable goodies. I am considering a holiday cocktail party, seeing these scrumptous treats has me leaning towards doing it but then again its my stomach talking not my head which knows how much work/stress it can be. Have to think about that one but feast your eyes on these!  I mean seriously if these won't put you in the holiday mood, what will?
Opening the door to my cute!

Whoa! Bring on the milk!

Colin Cowie (husbands and boy would love the mini versions of their favorites)

Too cute
Holy cow! Caramel apple cake...oh yea!

Peter Callahan

Gorgeous beef wellington

Now that I have you hungry......sorry, they were just too special to not share! I am excited, going see this movie tonight, The eye has to travel about Diana Vreeland. As soon as I had read about it, knew I had to see it and its playing in my neck of the woods. Diana Vreeland was a remarkable pioneer and this movie celebrating her life and contributions looks fantastic!

Two books I just ordered and cannot wait to you have them? What do you think? They both look like winners, hope they don't disappoint!

On a fashion front...I looooove boots. Every year add a few to my collection. I have had some for years and years, cannot part with them. These are the ones I an currently coveting. The good news is they are all stunning and available in my size, the bad news is they are all from Gorsuch (favorite company) and now I need to narrow it down..........

No your eyes to do not deceive you, that IS fur and these are the J Mendel version of wellies!

Announced a frequent buyer program for my online store which is effective until Dec. 15th. Click here to visit yesterdays post if you didn't see it. (it has the details)

Last tidbit, hot off the presses, my guest room started to get done. I am overjoyed with how the crown/carona has come out. Granted the bedding, pillows and windows are not done. And the tiebacks I ordered haven't come in but I had to share a sneak peek, taken with my iphone last night. I will have an entire photo session with my camera when done (the colors aren't great here) but I was so happy with it wanted to show you one in progress shot....

That's about it, this is a short post (for me at least) just wanted to say hi and share whats new and exciting over here. What are you up to this weekend? Hope whatever you do is enjoyable and wonderful. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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