Friday, 5 October 2012

Late week musings.......and a monogram giveaway!

This post which started off to be  a normal length soon morphed into an exceptionally loooong post. So, sit back grab another cup of coffee or tea and relax a little on me! I will be back on Monday!

Hi there...boy this week has flown by. This has been an exceptionally hectic week. Monday was such a crappy day. Like "every single thing went wrong kind" of crappy. It ended with me going into the post office right before they were closing and just as I was going inside, I felt sometthing wet drop on my head,......guess what it was? A birds dropping, I kind you not, at that point after a day of everything going wrong, it was either cry or I just silently said to myself "that soooo doesn't surprise me" and went along my merry way, made a beeline for home, slipped into my coziest pj's and called it a day. 
The week thankfully has gotten better but its been really hectic, defeinitely  had more than one "Calgon take me away moment". So hopefully the weekend is going to calm down and allow for some much needed down time.  Here's my usual randomness, the giveaway details at the bottom........lets begin shall we!
Got the rest of the sconces up in the living room..must say I am really really loving them. They add such an elegant ambiance to the room and of course I love the lighting that sconces give. Ralph strikes again!
This mantle is not the permanent (its propped up against the wall for effect and the painting is going in the library)

Close up #1

Close up #2

Remember the hardware dimlemna I had for my ktichen island? Well I took the plunge and did it and boy am I happy I did. I love the look, its a subtle change but was worth it. I am only waiting on two long towel bars going at the end of the island.  I also got to sell the hardware so it was a win/win. Have a look........I apologize for the blurry pics, not sure why they came out like this!

What are you up to this weekend? I am finally getting to see the Intouchables tonight which I have been wanting to see ever since I found out about it. I think foreign  movies often are way more interesting than many of the current American counterparts, I prefer real stories that touch us somehow over a Hollywood spectacle of violence, nudity, and gore. No thank you. This however,  is right up my alley. Here's the trailer.......can't wait!

Some store biz.......many of you have asked about the monogrammed soaps, and the 'flat faced soap'(first picture) and the "beveled soap" (second picture) . My you are an observant bunch and indeed there are two ways to order the soap. So if you want one or the other, please specify in the blank box at checkout as to your choice. They are wonderful beyond words, smell heavenly and are priced right!

The bevel soap

The different styles for fonts.....all pretty!

Speaking of soaps.....I am thinking of carrying these small soap dishes, they are technically candy dishes but are equally gorgeous for soaps or decor in the bathroom....what do you think? I am thinking towards Christmas these could make wonderful gifts....

Dough bowls......I got in a really big one. This bad boy is about 44" long by 15" and if I didn't have two  I would so keep this for me, it  is gorgeous! I don't get these really big ones in as often anymore and I know I get emails from readers about them, so if you are in the market for an oversized dough bowl, I will honor my same everyday great price of $175 (even though this size sells normally for much more) for this beauty. Email me here.


Napkin rings...oh I love thee. They are turning into my most popular item fast! I am just loving them, and so far the reviews are beyond rave reviews. People are so thrilled when they get them and marvel at the workmanship and attention to detail. They are quite heavy and such special pieces. I am sooo happy I found this line! So I got in a bunch of rings the other day, some new styles that will be going up on my site. Here's a always,if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Oh and one last piece of great news...not only are they handcrafted but they are right here in the good ol USA!
And I had fun playing around with some table settings using them, what do you think..check them out in the last few pics! Click here to see them on my online shop.

Animals on moving see saws

3 ducks 

Little boy with pig

Lab on cart

Scottie (need confirmation from all dog people out there) with cart


Another dog (Scottie?)

1 of 6 horses

Golden retriever with cart (soooo getting these)

Another horse

Squirrel with acorns

Horse 4

Sly fox

Hare on the tortoise

Mama bear and cub

Pig with cart

The sweet whimsical animals

Boy playing with dog

Corgi (need confirmation) with dog house

The horses

Boy and lamb

Sly fox and rooster

And of course the fun part is playing "dress up" with all these beauties!

Think I was having fun? You better believe it! I wish I had more time I could have kept going on and on....its like a very sophisticated game of dress up!

The giveaway lowdown....I am offering  a box of 3 monogrammed soaps (you get to customize)  to a lucky winner. All you need to do is stop by my online shop, come back here and tell me an item that makes you happy and that's are in the running! I will announce a winner on Monday morning. Click here to visit my shop.

Remember anonymous, you must include your name. For all those who just use a first name, please in the comment section include your last name initial. Good luck!

Told you this was going to be long! Thank so much for stopping in to see whats new, do hope you have an awesome long weekend and I will be back on Monday to announce the lucky soap winner. 
Until then........have a fabulous weekend!

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