Tuesday, 18 December 2012

My home, Christmas 2012 and a giveaway!

I start by asking for everyone to take half a minute to say a prayer for all the grieving families of Newtown, the community and our country that is mourning the loss of those innocent lives taken much too soon. As we go through all the holiday festivities, it is important to keep them in our hearts and prayers. 

Hi, this post is all about my Christmas decor. Yes you might say my blog this week is obsessed with  Christmas decor on steroids......yep, can't get enough, thanks to all my wonderful readers and their many contributions!  I have to say I had a lot of ideas, some came to fruition and others were left back in my overactive imagination....like ugh, 3 trees, one in the dining room, one in the family room and one in my living room or foyer. That idea is still in the "workroom" aka my imagination zone. Next year! Ditto the boxwood garland that was going to grace all three stories of my iron stair banister and my mantles...I could so visualize it but it never happened. But its very much "there" in my mind:)  
I inquired, hemmed and hawed and then the nursery talked me into not putting it up until a week before Christmas as to not have it dry out and leave a forest of leaves on my floor....then I started thinking so why bother, for one week? I nixed it. 
I may be on the prowl for an exceptionally high quality prelit garland that I can use year after year. I love fresh greenery like nobody's business but doing it on that much railing will be expensive, time consuming and a pain to maintain. Any thoughts on brands or resources for that, please do pass it on! So here's my holiday decor wrap up......pretty much done though I am a "tweaker" and am always adding little things here and there, part of the fun! Except for the many gifts I have yet to wrap and who I am kidding, basically I have to BUY almost all my gifts firs, I will then be done....woo hoo!
As many of you saw my front door wreath ,switched it to the moss green ribbon which I love so much...the earthy brown and greens are so rich and elegant....

And my tree!! Always a story with the tree! I bought it in the pouring rain after visiting 2 nurseries both of whom either did not have the right size or could not give me instant gratification and deliver within a few days.....finally found a nursery on my third try and pretty much bought the first 10 footer they opened up for me (mind you this in the pouring cold rain). They delivered to me that afternoon and some of the masonry guys who were working were nice enough to lug this baby inside, and set it up, (not without it toppling over once)! Thank goodness the hubs wasn't home, he is not nearly as "good natured" as I am about such things:) Then he gets home and grunts that I put it in the wrong place...so he and my two older sons proceed OVER TWO THAT IS RIGHT TWO! HOURS (boy what I would give to have videotaped this, it would be a hit on You Tube) to slide the tree inch by inch to the foyer. I am a big girl and can admit when he is right.  So its official...he was right!

Yes, it did look better in the foyer than the living room, because we have so much glass in the living room, it was hard to find the right spot. It was a lot of work for this tree...then I kept looking at saying "ehhh, it's not nearly big enough, not full enough....I made a hasty decision" and left a message at the nursery that I wasn't happy with my tree:) However next morning the tree looked a little happier, the branches "dropped",  the sparseness of it suddenly was gone  and indeed it looks like it grew a few inches! So....I kept the tree, and along with a guy who works for my husband, we did the lights..and all the decorations are form years past. I love cherubs, angles and musical instruments on a tree ( as you will see) and thankfully my taste has not wavered much over the years, so I still like my ornaments. I add on every year, I could use more (there are virtually none on the back of this tree...shhhhhhh) but I will buy a few more and have mossy green bows made if not for this year, definitely next! So here it is.......

My nutcracker collection on the front foyer table
All ornaments are from my previous trees...every year I buy a few more, because this tree was about 11 feet, I could not really add many to the back of the tree so looks like I need to get busy adding to my collection.....
I added sprays of evergreen and berries tied with red ribbon onto my sconces for a little holiday spirit
Console table in dining room.....
 My "bling-y" nutcracker vignette all aglow in gold and silver.............

No need for sympathy, I WILL have more presents under the tree...I promise. The "warpping elf" aka me is a wee bit  backed up!

I placed these moss orbs in the urns and used a wreath to "frame" the base in the niches in the foyer

 Just added this painting (husband had bought it at auction) and this small console which is actually for another area but until then, its here!

 Love my poinsettia topiaries...so unique and so festive and elegant!
We are not sure where to put our really beautiful antique English secretary so for now put it in the dining room, I don't think I have ever seen a secretary in a dining room but for now, this is where its going....maybe I will set a new trend:)

Added these beautiful Trowbridge prints to my powder room, they are perfect!

A beauty...LOVE this piece!

What do you think of this antique chair in the powder room? Needs to be recovered badly, the fabric is all tattered but its a pretty chair for a powder room

 My dining room centerpiece....this is a newer version of my current silver planter, this one is taller great for arrangements like this

Another of one of my best selling silver planters with poinsettias and moss.....simple and elegant

This is by my kitchen sink, I like having little Christmas reminders all through the house.......

And got a late start of my Paperwhites but alas they are starting to take off......

And finally the giveaway! As I promised I will do a giveaway every week until Christmas. This one is for this lovely porcelain and ormolu soap dish AND either a French bar towel or monogrammed guest towel (if your initial is in stock)! Consider this an early Christmas gift for YOU!

All you need to do to be eligible is visit my online shop, come back here and tell me a favorite item (or two) and you are in the running! I will announce a winner on Friday morning. Good luck:) Thanks for stopping by......enjoy your day!

Also got in four wonderful dough bowls yesterday. 2 24" and 2 that are about 19-20". There were so many who have inquired please just email me here if interested! They are ready to go......

All napkin ring orders (ones that are in stock), monogram items, French towel orders, porcelain, pillow and silver orders are guaranteed for Christmas arrival on all orders placed by tomorrow, Wed. Dec.19th!

Keep calm and carry on.....ho ho ho!

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