Friday, 21 December 2012

Readers holiday homes round 2 and it's a whopper!

Good Friday morning to you!  This week has been insanely sure you are all feeling the holiday crunch too. I am so happy I put this post together in advance otherwise it would never have happened. I want to announce the winner of the soap dish and monogrammed guest towels......congratulations goes to-

Good morning, Tina. It is a delight to see all of your Christmas decor. Yup, the tree does belong right where it is. That is not to say you can't have more than one tree!!!!:):) I love your nutcracker collection! Everything looks beautiful nd I love the secretary in the dining room. Speaking of which, I had made a list of DEFINITES I wanted for a new house. The first one was a BIGGER dining room as we entertain alot. Well, our new dining room is actually smaller:( Oh well, we make it work. As far as what I would like from your shop: ANY of the blue and white porcelain jars!!!!!!!!!!!! I adore them. Wishing you GOOD SHOPPING and a blessed Christmas. XO, Pinky
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Time for round 2! Given the number of pictures I received, there should really be a round 3, 4 AND 5! When you are done with this post in a few hours you will totally agree! I had to post this all together as we are simply running out of days till Christmas. The good thing is it's not going anywhere, so you will be able to come back here and refer to this post however many times you like. I think I could have had a best seller in the making........Think you can handle even more beauty from my readers?

 I was astounded to see how many pictures I got and thrilled about it. This is so inspirational and you know I will be referring back to these posts next year too! Just love it all....and cannot thank you enough for taking the time to send me these beautiful glimpses into your spectacular homes. So much fun to see all the beauty, humor and over the top cuteness (thanks to the pooches)!

Such creativity!!!!

Are you dizzy yet from all the Christmas fabulousness? Love when I see the pooches getting in on the holiday spirit, and these are soo cute! If this post won't get you into the holiday swing of things..can't imagine what will! I mean this is some serious Christmas inspiration! I did receive some pictures after this post was completed on Tuesday, and since I scheduled this post to post at a certain time I was unable to add/change anything and apologize if your picture was not able to be included (though I do think I managed to get nearly all), but I assure you I got great joy from looking over each and every one of them! If you missed my holiday wrap up on my own home, click here.

Thank you so much everyone for contributing to yet another spectacular round of readers homes! I loved this and will absolutely make it a tradition. I hope all who stopped by enjoyed seeing all the different takes on holiday decorating. Wishing everyone a wonderful day and good luck getting through these last few days until Christmas.....officially in my book known as "The Christmas crunch".......ho ho ho!


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