Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Palm Beach state of mind........

Hi there, busy week over here and I feel like my engine is just revving up for a few hectic crazy busy (but fun) weeks ahead!  I am so touched by how many of you enjoyed my post yesterday about my country fantasy Christmas, several of you emailed me to tell me it brought tears to your eyes because it was so nostalgic and/or reminded them of their own childhood in some way. It was with pleasure and I enjoyed every minute spent putting it together. Click here if you didn't get to see it.

I have to say I loved my time in Palm Beach, short but sweet. Very sweet. Posh lodging (thanks Breakers) absolutely breathtaking atmosphere, perfect weather, awesome food, great shopping, wonderful company, fun activities......does it get better? This was a VERY long overdue mini vacation and the timing could not have been more right! I might physically be back here in NY, but trust me mentally I am still back there under those gorgeous swaying palm trees enjoying that 75 degree weather:)  I naturally had to take you along with me and took pictures along the way. Only a little narration as I think these pics speak for themselves....
Driving up to the magnificence that is The Breakers
Every hallway, nook and cranny is filled with magnificent antiques........I was drooling!

The main "lobby".....utterly gorgeous! These flowers to give you an idea of scale were about 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide!

Those perfect palm trees........

I wanted to sneak in at midnight and take these lanterns home with them!

Walking down towards the beach/pool

Everything is so green, so lush, so perfect!

Yachts and Palm Beach go together like peanut butter and jelly, caviar and toast, milk and cookies,etc....
Fabulous Worth Ave.....we had such fun!

Even the hallway/corridors off the street shopping on Worth Ave. had these gorgeous chandy' florescent light bulbs for Palm Beach, no siree!!!

The Christmas tree outside Chanel

Now, that's a Christmas tree!!! All 20 feet of it.......
If only those Breakers elves could come over to my place for a weekend.........

Woke up one morning and the ocean and sky looked so beautiful, just had to snap a few pictures

The gorgeous gilded heavily detailed ceiling of the main ballroom
Main ballroom

The central courtyard

Almost looks like a favorite time of day

And of course yours truly just had to indulge in a lobster roll (not as good as Montauk's but certainly a treat)!

Check out what they did with these palm trees!

Finally I have been using this lotion ever since I first bought it many years ago during a stay at The Breakers...and I love it as much today as I did the first day I discovered it! Now they make it in a huge container....which is perfect, I keep them near my kitchen and bathrooms sink. The smell is divine (it's The Breakers exclusive fragrance)  and its rich enough but not too this stuff! It keeps me in a "Breakers state of mind" all day long:)
Click here if you want to indulge and get into a Breakers state of mind too.......

 So there are my highlights....such fun! Have you been there? Care to go? I cannot rave enough about the Breakers. Had not been in a while and will not let that much time lapse before I return! It was a wonderful and much needed little reprise. The restaurants, shopping, window shopping....all world class. And lets not forget people watching...oh those cougars were out in full force and let me tell you....they mean business! Fun fun fun! Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping in!


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