Thursday, 9 May 2013

Can we talk design books?

Hello and happy Thursday to you! I hope you got to see my post over at Chic Coastal Living about my beach house, if not click here. Its worth seeing, moving on....... I love design books. I seem to have adopted the notion that you can never have enough. I have them in stacks all over my home. They are in my bedroom, living room, family room, kitchen and heck even in some bathrooms! I just love them and when I come across a really good one it becomes a "go to" reference. 
Let's say I need new inspiration for how to style a table or console, or want to get window treatment ideas, whatever the case may be there are certainly those books that deliver over and over. I had to think about choosing my favorites because there are just so many good ones, but when I thought about the books I tend to revisit often, there were definite standouts. How about you? Do you too collect them? I would love to know your favorites!! Here are some of mine.....
There are more...but these are wonderful standbys. Most I have had for years but with their timeless elegance that they have in common, they are never outdated and always feel like I am visitng "an old friend" when I open them up again. Filled with so many exquisite details, its like I am looking at them with a fresh set of eyes every time I open them! Now its your turn...tell me some of your favorite design books. There is always space for just one more book on my shelves so I am dying to know your faves.......enjoy your day!
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