Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Fabulous Frenchie Finds - French Bulldog Inspired Decor and More


Hello, friends!  I don't think I've officially introduced you to my dog, Gordon.  Before I laid eyes on this guy nine almost nine years ago (wow, time flies when you're constantly cleaning up pee!), I had never even heard of a French Bulldog.  Now, my favorite part of the morning is catching up on my blog reading (I'd never heard of a blog nine years ago, either) with my buddy curled up beside me.  I'm not sure if it's my heightened sense of awareness, or if the breed is gaining popularity, but Frenchies seem to be everywhere now.  In order to avoid looking like a crazy cat lady, or crazy canine lady, in this case, I have to restrain myself when I see all the adorable Frenchie items popping up in all of my favorite stores.  Here's a sampling of some of my favorites.

Graphic French Bulldog Wall Art
Watercolor Pet Pillow Cover, French Bulldog
 I spotted this print at my local Home Emporium (read about HE here).  If I recall correctly, it was around $50.  You can also get it at Overstock.com for $179.99 (WHAT?!?!).
I recently saw this guy at my local Target store.  Sorry, but I couldn't find an online link.

French Bulldog Vintage Inspired French Parisian Flower Pot - Shabby Chic
ChickDesignBoutique on Etsy can make custom designs/logos with your dog.  Guess which one is my favorite.

I'm not sure I would know what to do with a weather vane, but Overstock.com has this cool looking one with a French bulldog theme.
I'm so bummed that this little guy is no longer available.  I would totally risk looking like a crazy canine lady for him.
French Bulldog Cases for Iphone 5
I think I need one of these darling iPhone cases from Miss Piggy on Etsy.

If you're brave enough to profess your love of Frenchies to the world, Gap has the perfect sweater for you.
Now that you know the Frenchie is my dog of choice, tell me what type of pet you prefer.  Whether it's a specific breed of dog or cat, or a certain type of fish or bird, I'm sure that somewhere out there you can find great looking décor and apparel featuring your favorite.
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