Friday, 19 July 2013

Can we talk?

Hi there! Sorry been "MIA" the last few days, have relatives in town and have been busy busy busy! One of these "Can we talk" posts is long overdue. Love when we get to "chat" about various things as part of the fun is bouncing ideas off of one another. Now don't get mad at me, but I get very excited for fall shopping. And honestly since we are now on day 6 with an unbearable heat wave, fall isn't sounding so bad right now:) How about you?

I love cool mornings when I can slip on a toasty sweater, a cute vest, and get to wear a beautiful pair of riding boots. I have a bit of a "uniform" for day to day that involves layers, almost always a scarf, plenty of cashmere (some sweaters I have had for over 12 years), and a bit of gold jewelry, and of course....always a great bag!! question is what are your fall staples? What do you tend to buy at the start of the season? A great coat? Build on your sweater collection? Are you more of an accessories girl? Or all the above (if so we are destined to become fast friends) lol. I like building over time but get very excited over fall are some of my staples. Then its your turn to talk!

Left to right, top to bottom...

1. Gotta have a great bag, true a Bottega means coughing up the bucks but honestly any expensive bag I have ever bought has more than paid for itself in the years of mileage. Good beautiful bags do not go out of fashion ( I do not buy expensive trendy bags for that very reason) but do believe in investing in a good black bag, dark brown and maybe a blue of some sort.

2.A beautiful pair of boots. I love boots. I really love riding boots as they are comfortable and look beautiful with jeans as well as a skirt and tights. I like a tall riding boot like this one....

3. A great vest......check! Love Barbour and own a few of their vests and coats, lightweight but warm, very chic and very English. A vest is a great layering piece pure and simple, a very timeless look!

4.A beautiful cashmere scarf. I own dozens of scarves, both for winter and summer. For winter I have gray, black, dark brown and oatmeal. I find those four colors alone get me through almost every outfit. Another very good investment. Love the tissue weight because they wrap around the neck beautifully without feeling cumbersome. Stay tuned.....I am going to be carrying a wonderful line of them come fall!

5. A bit of gold jewelry. I like a chunky gold watch, maybe a simple pair of gold hoops or studs and maybe a pretty gold link bracelet.The less is more principle works here.

6. A good fitting pair of jeans. I am admittedly at the age where I feel like jeans are more a no than a yes (speaking for myself) however a good fitting pair of straight jeans, not super skinny ones because I feel those are more for younger girls, can do wonders in terms of their slimming effect and they look super chic with a pair of riding boots!

7. I am a cashmere sweater hound. I have owned some of my sweaters for over 10 years! The basic cable knit and turtlenecks do not ever go out of style. I buy mostly neutrals but every now and then will go for a fun color like a red or loden green. Once again a great staple. Every year I buy a few more to add to my sweater collection.

So there you have it a few of my staples. Now it's your turn to talk! What are your fall staples and what will be making its way into your closet this fall? Thanks for stopping in, have a fabulous Friday and great weekend!

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