Monday, 8 July 2013

Hamptons Panache!

Hello! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Ours was fun, relaxing, dinner with friends, stopped by to a party friends  (wish I had my camera again) had a BBQ last night and plenty of time for downtime around the house which I have to say I really enjoyed. Ahhhh....the beautiful Hamptons, have you been? I am incredibly lucky to live just a few hours away from the gorgeous and infamous Hamptons. Yes, the traffic is a nightmare, housing prices are hard to wrap your brain around,  there really is such a thing as $25.00 lobster rolls and $18.00 drinks but there are also many other incredible even dare I say wonderfully old fashioned things about the Hamptons that makes it well....the one and only.  

The pristine beaches, miles of white sand, charming family owned farms, beautiful parks and preservation areas, world class restaurants, an art scene to rival any other, unparallelled shopping, serious people watching (if that's your thing) and of course houses that would take the gold if there were an Olympic event for beautiful homes! Each town has its own distinct flavor and there truly is something to love about each and every one of them. 

For homes, I think Southampton and East Hampton are pretty hard to beat in my humble non expert opinion. From your gorgeous grand gabled weathered shingle homes to the majestic tall imposing brick Georgians...there are countless homes worth drooling over that dot both the tony estate sections and the glistening Atlantic coastline. And let me tell  you  they come with equally impressive prices tags:) But let's put that little detail aside and talk about the beauty of these Hamptons homes. Today's post is dedicated to the panache of the quintessential Hampton homes. Ready for some serious eye candy? I think you will enjoy, this was a lot of fun to put together as it is such a unique world class enclave that brings together the biggest names in business, entertainment, music, art, a coastal residential setting. Here we go.....

Granted this post represents the tippy top of Hamptons real estate but if we are going to look, then let's go all the way right......

This is what  I call one dreamy patio!! AD
Seriously perfect, do you not agree? Not a blade of grass out of it!
Wow!! Love every single thing about this grand beauty!
Ready to move in?

Not a bad pool house, what do you think?
 Gorgeous master bedroom suite overlooking the sparkling water
 I think I would plant myself on a chaise all day long if this were my view!
 Mighty impressive!  The "girl" on the tube is an actual sculpture,
here's a closer view....only in the Hamptons!

Love the blue and white but of course:)
Gorgeous and sooo regal!
The beautiful covered porch belonging to Tory Burch stunningly farmed by climbing this!

Now this is a those chairs!!

 So tranquil, I bet you can hear the roar of the ocean from this perch...Robert Stern
 Such a beautiful and elegant home, East Hampton (Robert Stern)
I love the classic Hamptons shingled home with white timeless! about first impressions! Robert Stern
 Guess who rented this humble abode for the summer? Jay Z and Beyonce

Gorgeous Gin Lane beauty, Southampton

I swear there is something about the air and sky in the Hamptons, its magical!

 Classic ivy covered estate home in Southampton...lovely!
 Every time you watched Seinfeld you helped Jerry save up his pennies for this humble Hamptons abode :)
Isn't this a beauty?  Surrounded by all the farm land that still exists (very expensive farm land)
 Where the pool houses are equally beautiful in the most idyllic settings.....

How gorgeous is this Southampton pool house! 
 You can be sure that all of these coastal beauties are complete with a beautiful pool, tennis court and in some cases other amazing amenities!
 This is  classic  beauty, love the crisp white against the weathered natural classically Hampton's!
A Hampton classic, love this!

 Farrell Builders is one of the top builders out east...and builds classics like this one that will stand the test of time

With equally beautiful interiors that are open and airy, perfect for the Hamptons lifestyle
 Even the more modern homes are incredibly well done..this one is a striking beauty! AD
Love this.....what a wonderful spot to take in the Atlantic!
 Jenny from the block has come a long is her mega millions Hamptons home! (Jennifer Lopez)
 This impressive Southampton beauty is a picture of elegance
 With a heavenly backyard to boot!
 And one heck of a stunning living this is what I call a beach house!

 Think you could manage to live in this cozy abode? Wow....looks more like a school!
 Another classic found in the estate section of Southampton
 My kids have dubbed this the "perfect house" in East Hampton, where every flower and blade of grass is standing straight with military precision!
Christy Brinkley's beautiful shingle home

See anything you think you could rough it in? I would take any of the above!! Inside and out, these homes are amazingly beautiful and combined with the weather, the ocean air, the proximity to the beaches and the most charming towns makes these almost priceless. Hope you enjoyed little tour of the ultra uber swanky Hamptons homes......its fun to dream and best part is, it's free!! Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping in. Have a wonderful Monday and great start to your week......

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