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Mid week musings........

 Good morning to you. Well first things first....very happy to announce a lucky winner of the pair of blue and white plates. Congratulations goes to.....

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All your things are beautiful so it would be hard to choose a favorite! I would have to say for RIGHT NOW that I would love the bathroom set because I am getting ready to redo one of my baths. The plates are just really gorgeous too.

As with all my random musings post...this one is a bit of this and a bit of that. I loved hearing your take on the white dresses yesterday. Many of you loved my personal fave too, #3 though for the event tomorrow night its way too dressy, it is the kind of dress I would love to own and have in my closet, it feels like a throwback to elegant timeless Audrey Hepburn but there were so many I loved. If you missed the post click here, and weigh in on your favorite. Let's get started, shall we?

Very picture heavy....don't say I didn't warn you!

One Kings Lane. Admittedly I have grown a little skeptical of this site. I used to love it but my last three orders either came in damaged or were of inferior quality...so that was a huge disappointment. One was pillows that were so cheaply made I ended up giving them away, two broken ice buckets and dishes that came in that looked beautiful online but were really horrible in person. So though I still like to occasionally look I am have been leary about ordering any more. However I would have soooooo made an exception for both of these items.......both sold out!!!! The chairs I was devastated over...they are sooo beautiful, they belong here!!! Come to mama.......

I was however on a small scale able to score at least something, got  these lovely French bath products...I am sucker for fine soaps and anything with lavender.

Always keep these types of things on hand as last minute gifts...they are perfect!

Pillows......again! So this time around I am stressing and mulling over choices for my back patio. The Chiang Mai look gorgeous back there, I must say. Wrong size, I need bigger (but you get the idea)....however have found these, also Schumacher which have a similar feel but are still different (awaiting swatches to seal the deal).  Thoughts and opinions? Such a hard choice.....really love them all!

I like the idea of using these with one of the geometrics above

Or I can stay with what I have
And I have ordered lumbars in navy with ivory monogram to use on the club chairs....

A good cookbook. You know me and my books. I just can't seem to stop buying them. Just ordered Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking. I had given this to a friend who loves to cook for her birthday  and when she started telling me about all the delectable recipes she has tried from the book and told me it's now one of her favorite books (a big compliment because this girl is a serious cook) I knew I had to get one of my own....all in the name of keeping my southern heritage alive of course (and those taste buds on high alert)! Click here to see it on Amazon.

A wonderful cause. A reader of mine (who I will be  meeting in Charlottesville) sent me information on a grassroots group, Lifenotes Music For Children, that  she is involved in and asked for my support. It is a child safety program and I am always eager to help even in a very small way when it comes to anything with kids. Recognizing that kids are auditory learners and love music, this teaches them safety, healthy and character through music.....love the concept.

 I was happy to do it and thought it was worth sharing in case you too feel inclined to help out. There is no such thing as a donation too small and literally every dollar is so appreciated. Click here for more information.

More Hamptons bliss. I don't know about you, but I never ever tire of seeing the beautiful Hamptons. Hopefully you agree because here are some wonderful highlights from recent trips out that way (that I forgot were on my computer)!
 Super charming Sag Harbor, if you ever get the chance....go!
 These dudes have a rough life......

 This set the tone for our lunch with a front row seat of the yachts (my friends idea to place the glass here and she's onto something:)
 We had fun watching the crews lug things from oodles of flowers to fresh produce onto the yachts

 Doesn't this look wonderfully old fashioned down to the vintage car?
 And this my friends,  is the famous American Hotel, a famous small town hotel where legions of famous faces and minds have visited
 The newest "it" hotel Topping Rose House
 We hit the cute pop up shop of Serena and Lily
 The decor was perfect for the beach lifestyle
 This was cheery...

 Here is the house dubbed "the perfect house" by  my boys when they were about five years old, it's stuck ever since:)

 East Hampton patriotism at its finest
 Hydrangeas are everywhere.....must be that salt air that keeps them so beautiful!

 I think these boys were artists and were sketching this beautiful scene, though I was hoping they would move!

And then another day we were at Dockers in Quogue and I loved this bar stools, done in navy and white...so chic.

Around my house.  Back to the drawing board, and want to finalize pillow selections, get them ordered, get the rest of my trees (now that I found them) and finish up the patio while we can still enjoy it! Awaiting fabric swatches for pillows and rest of trees coming in this week....

 I stuck a tree in just to get an idea.....love it. The tree is about 7 feet tall to give you an idea. I LOVE these planters but they are obviously too small, so the search continues for planters that I can get now and not have to order.....
 Added the geometric with navy tape, love it

 Do you like the lumbar or square on these chairs?

 These bad boys are slowly coming back....they took a beating in the 99 degree heat and intense humidity, so much so that we had to move them. They are finally getting a little life back

Mini and mama orchid. If you are thinking the colors look odd, guilty as charged...I started fiddling with settings on the camera and changed it without knowing how to change it back!

 Love this pale lilac hydrangea too in my statuary planter

Added a bunch more of the richly hued hydrangea now growing in abundance around here, think they look perfect in the blue and white container......
 Love mixing the colors

Shop news. I always get really excited about new products. As fall approaches and in preparation for the holidays I will be adding more things, I am always on the prowl for something wonderful. Check out these magnificent new pieces getting added, they are en route. I am so excited, love each and every one. Best part they are priced unbelievably low but are available only in certain quantities...once they are gone that is it! I will announce when they are physically here.

Beautiful dish (can be used for a cake dish) or display 15.5" round $75.00

Beautiful candlesticks,  5" x 11.5" and 4.5" x 9.5" $55.00

Gorgeous decorative oversized plate 16.5" round $65.00

 The perfect bud vase. 8" x 14.5" $ 70.00
Gorgeous soft blue plate or serving dish 4.5" x 12.5" $65.00

Love this! I have just the spot:) 6' X 6" X 17" $75.00

And this one! 7.5" x 7" x 13' $65.00

This is a beautiful covered dish/box, so decorative 8.5" x 7.5" $55.00

 Adore this pale blue vase. A new take on ginger jars and I think a pair will be perfect in my bedroom!  11" x 26" $145.00

Big fan of these highly decorative pieces and so affordable! A pair (5.5" x 7.5" and 4.5" x 6.5") $50.00

This is going right in my kitchen, how gorgeous for utensils! 9" x13.75" $75.00

Ditto these stunning boxes, 6.75" x 4.75" x 3.5" $25.00

And as reported a few days ago, new style lanterns have come in that gorgeous as well as the sold out ever so popular Tulip lantern is back in stock...take a look

Aren't these beautiful? As always if you are interested in anything just email me....theenchantedhome@gmail.com. I cannot wait to get the new porcelain pieces and love the new belljars.......

Also got in dough bowls. I have getting in more in a few weeks but got in 4, 2 were already sold so  I have these two smaller ones available. Both gorgeous and so decorative, very old but in excellent condition. Contact me if you want one here.

Phew....this post ended up being longer than I had originally anticipated. This is what happens, I start small and then just keep adding, so much I want to share. What's new in your world? Anything here excite you? Thanks for stopping in to see what's new and wishing you a fabulous day!

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