Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Accessory Alert: Greens apples and other fashionable fruit.....

OK don't ask how it started, but I have an obsession lately with green apples and pears  amongst other fruit. Oh and artichokes, not in the fruit family but equally great looking! And of course gotta include beautiful and highly decorative lemons and limes! How beautiful are they to use as decorative objects, as in filling gorgeous old world urns with them, as in lining a pair of tall glass hurricanes with them, as in filling a huge bowl on the middle of an island with them, as in decorating a flower arrangement with them, as in using them at place settings.....yes they are that versatile and can be used in that many ways.

 Then forget the GORGEOUS color that they bring into a room....I mean seriously these have to give more bang for the buck than any decorating element on this planet!! A seriously under looked but amazing little accessory. What kitchen island wouldn't be prettier with a big bowl or urn of green apples? What foyer chest wouldn't be more elegant with an urn topped with artichokes or bright green pears? What dining table wouldn't be more beautiful with a pair of tall glass urns filled with green and yellow lemons?

Try it......I think you will see I am onto something! I know for my island, I will be filling a big over sized pair of urns (cement or stone) with grocer might think I have a stable of horses with the amount of green apples I plan on using, so what do you think? Do you or have you or will you decorate with green apples?  Best part is this is something every one can do today for under ten dollars!! Send me a picture if you really love how it comes out, would love to see! And always love to know what you think.........

What kitchen wouldn't look prettier with a white pitcher, something we all have filled to the brim with artichokes?
Love how the limes liven up this spectacular vignette of blue and white!
Gorgeous pears grace this fabulous setting, Charles Faudree
A perfect sample of how beautifully flowers and fruit paired up, can be!
Something about beautiful artichokes against warm rich wood and a creamy palette, photo by Tria Giovan
Black and white plus pops of green equals perfection! John Jacob
Tell me what kitchen wouldn't look uber elegant with an arrangement like this on its island!
A small pop of green does a lot to a white space! Homebug
Wouldn't a pair of these be pretty on an island? The Silk Garden
Love green against black...something about it feels so old world
I think this tiered container holding green apples is spectacular in this space!
Timothy Corrigan artfully arranged beautiful fruit and vegetables in this gorgeous compote
Love the idea of a rustic container holding beautiful green fruit.....
Just look at how apples add to this already spectacular setting....LOVING this, Master Faudree
Love lining a cylinder vase with fresh vibrant lemons! Beautiful.....
Look how the green and yellow pop in this glorious kitchen, Deane
Once again the green against the black is perfection!
How gorgeous is this! Beautiful huge urns hold a mound of green apples....
Small bursts of color in an otherwise neutral kitchen is a great accent
A great example of how pretty green looks against the dark bold drama of black, M Elle

How cute would this little bad boy be in a charming kitchen? Lee Karen designs
Another great looking one.....
The yellow and green adds such great color to an all white kitchen!
Even in the simplest settings, a small bowl of pears can be equally powerful
A graceful black urn holds yellow apples, love the effect, Timothy Corrigan
A classic look, the yellow and green are the perfect accent to the dark wood and white marble!
I mean seriously does it get any prettier than this? Love the bowl of lemons!
Classic white kitchen gets a little pop of color with bright lemons, limes and artichokes! William Waldraun
A gorgeous cache pot holds a beautiful batch of green apples, Charles Faudree
A simple bowl with mini yellow apples can have such impact on a coffee table
Look how pretty this pop of green is on this otherwise very neutral table.

And finally to show I practice what I preach, I filled my little chefs container that I have had in my kitchen for years with my pears (they are fake but very good fakes) and this is another good point, if you find very good imitations of fruit, those are a great thing to have on hand. Cannot tell you how often I use these!! Love how it came out, just a little burst of color made such a difference!

So....what do you think? Will fruit and other fashionable vegetables be making their way past the refrigerator in your home? Would love to know what your thoughts are and if you have a particular way you like to decorate with fruits and vegetables. Always love to hear! Have a delightful day!


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