Friday, 16 September 2011

Things I am loving Fridays and house updates!

Good morning, back in the saddle but you will notice things with me have been a little off schedule lately. In addition, haven't gotten to spend as much time in blogland as I normally do, because this week I have been all over the map, really in every direction imaginable. Its good to be busy but there is a limit and I think I am just about there:) Its mostly "house biz" at this point of the game,  as this occupies nearly all my time lately. But I do try to keep my mind open and active and on the prowl for beautiful, inspirational new things too! So here we go.....

HOUSE UPDATES. Forewarning, there are a lot of pictures here...... know I always say it might not look like things are changing drastically week to week but trust me THEY ARE!! The big breaking news from last night is the STAIR RAILING!! Imagine my total surprise to go to the house late in the day to discover not only did it arrive early that morning but they started installing it. I am madly in love with it. My camera was dying so I took a few pics real quick of it before it went kaput. The final stages of adding many decorative elements to the kitchen is being done and those little "jewels" are like the icing on a beautiful cake, it is every bit as I had envisioned all those sleepless nights. I cannot wait to rip off the paper and ply board from the floor and have a total kitchen reveal with my gorgeous marble counter tops in place and my range and all the goodies that will complete it! My breakfast room is officially done, hip hip hooray! One room totally done now THAT'S progress! Moldings and paneling continues to get completed downstairs and painting upstairs is just about done. So things are looking up and the end is in sight. Enough talking, how about some showing........

Hey what do you know! A little grass...making it look a little more like home!

Still in the installation phase

 What do you think about the lead coated copper finial? I think it needs to be a little bigger (this one is 2 feet believe it or not but it looks minuscule)

Versailles Parquet newly installed in dining room!

Living room panels going in

Hallway moldings complete!

Kitchen is coming together, pics that follow are all the new "details".....

Had to peek at my floor next to the wood in the breakfast room, so sick of it all being covered!

Final coat all done!
Paneling for TV in family room getting done above mantle

Hubbies vanity first coat of stain
My vanity/ bathroom floor....this is Pointing on the door by Farrow and Ball, thoughts?

Love this color in my closet!

Gutter boxes all done

Stockpile getting smaller...yippee!!
Foundation for patio

Covered porch all done except for flooring

SPECTACULAR OUTDOOR SETTINGS.How about this for an outdoor setting? You know my love for blue and white, then you throw in a fabulously gorgeous home/backyard and you are talking some serious eye candy! This happens to be my friends house which is being used for a designers showcase. LOVE this whole setting!!!! What do you think?

FALL INSPIRATION. Though I know by the time I move and settle in fall entertaining will be well past me, and I am sure I won't have any energy left for it, it is so amazingly inspirational isn't it? I have so enjoyed visiting blogland and seeing  some truly amazing and breathtaking fall entertaining pictures and ideas. Many are quite simple, but their impact is nonetheless incredible. Flowers in pumpkins, pumpkins as soup and stew bowls,a trio of beautiful fall colored apples sliced up on a wooden cutting board,  a simple artichoke on a plate, such fantastic ideas that anyone can do!  Below a few.....

Using a small pumpkin as a bowl..genius! (and comes with its own lid)

CHINOISERIE MURALS. I am once again back to the drawing board in looking at colors and designs for the chinoiserie for my dining room and formal powder room. For the powder room I see a hand blocked antique faded gold background and for the dining room I am really loving this really pale antiqued looking gray/blue/green but love the green, the neutral colored one and the darker slate blue/gray too! So technically, all four of these are all serious contenders.....what do you think?  Last I found these amazing handpainted lampshades for sconces, how pretty are these?

Well everyone that's it for me. Anything you are loving this week? Would love to know all about it! I am overdue to see a movie...has anyone seen anything great lately? I am supposed to see Mozarts sister in the next few days...cannot wait!! Wishing you all a wonderful day.


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