Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Which would you choose?

Good morning.....decided this will be a regular post since everyone enjoyed it so much!

Back by popular demand! This time I focus on living rooms. Allow me to set the scene. You are having a cocktail party for 20 of your nearest and dearest. The candles have been lit, you have been blessed by the weather gods above and been given a perfect evening for your little soiree and your music of choice gently fills the air. Amazing aromas are permeating throughout the house from the kitchen where all kinds of appetizing foods are being prepared for your guests who are soon to arrive.  Before dinner you will all be congregating in your living room for cocktails and then return after dinner for coffee and dessert. Your living room should reflect your personal style and what makes you feel comfortable. SO with that in mind, its time for you to look at the living rooms below.....tell me, which would you choose? Can't wait to find out!

                                   CHOICE 1. Calming, inviting, and old world elegance.

                                          CHOICE 2. Opulent, fussy and European.

                                    CHOICE 3. French inspired, airy and formal

                                         CHOICE 4.  Warm, bright and soothing.

CHOICE 5. Tuscan, welcoming and cozy

CHOICE 6. Cool, modern and classic.

                                            CHOICE 7. Shabby chic, charming and sweet.

                                              CHOICE 8. Bold, modern and crisp.

CHOICE 9. Coastal, airy and inviting.

CHOICE 10. Old world, regal and stately.

CHOICE 11. Eclectic, fun and dramatic.

CHOICE 12. Warm, rustic and grand.

So tell me, which is your choice? I love to know what all you style mavens and house hunters love! Wishing you a wonderful day.

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