Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Bonkers for brackets......

Many of you have asked not only about Teddy but about the dogs that attacked him. At this point there is not a lot of new information to share with you, the owner who vowed "he would do anything and everything" initially hasn't even stepped up to the plate now to pay the bill which is several thousands of dollars so we now know the kind of person we are dealing with! We have a court date mid May where we will go along with the family of the other dog. It is unconscionable to me and what his dogs did proves they are incredibly dangerous and not fit to be domesticated animals. We have a lot of support behind us. You can be sure I will continue to update you in the meantime. I will not be satisfied until they are put down or taken away. Every time I look at Teddy and his still open wounds and stitches or think of the other family, it validates my feelings. Without sounding like a broken record, thank you so so much for your prayers, kindness and well wishes. I am convinced they helped Teddy in his successful recovery.

Today I wanted to talk to you about brackets/wall shelves/ corbels...they go by a new names.  I love them....and cannot wait to start adding some to some of my formal rooms. I want them in the living and dining room for sure...and who knows where else they might end up! I am also very excited to be adding them to my online store after many requests. So...first my question is what do you think? Are they easy/hard to find? Do you even like them?
First let's start with some gorgeous examples of how beautiful they can be that exhibit  how much they add to a room and wall. I am a big big fan. On the bottom I have included some of the ones I as of today am starting to add to my online store. I have found in my own search for them to either be very expensive which adds up fast when buying several or really cheap looking. I am thrilled with the ones  I will be selling after looking high and low....great looking and very affordable! Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the matter! Here we go......

William Eubanks has mastered the art of using them!

How beautiful is this room? One of my faves! Cathy Kincaid

And who would have thought of them for the bathroom...but wow is this a home run!
Martha Stewart

Love an oversized bracket like these flanking the fireplace.....stunning!

LOVE the way this pair of brackets frames this fabulous window! Cathy Kincaid at it again....

Charlotte Moss is one designer of many who uses them often, look how much they add to this living room wall
An oversized pair flanking a large piece of furniture is a great way to display a beautiful set of jars or porcelains, Mary McDonald

How about this incredible artful display? A showstopper! Betty Gertz

Joe Minton chose a pair in wood to match the console for this elegant front entry

Love them here in a fabulous room done by William Eubanks

Another one of my favorite rooms by Cathy Kincaid, who used tonal brackets that highlight the blue and white porcelains beautifully

They are used beautifully and with a very dramatic effect displaying a collection of busts, Topsyturvy style

A grouping of them are done beautifully in this room by Thomas Burak

Bracket nirvana.....great way to display a collection too! Mrs. Blandings

Nicky Haslam chose brackets to display this magnificent plate collection

Love the clean crisp elegance this grouping of brackets affords this fabulous bedroom, just wouldnt' want to have a nightmare and wake up with arms flailing! Thomas Burak

How amazing do these look against the steel gray painted wall? Fabulous! Robert Goodwin

They really do add so much to a wall......imagine them here without them.

Even in a room that feels a little cleaner/more transitional, a pair works beautifully, Pinterest

I like the way Daryl Schmitt used a pair on either side of the bed to hold a monochromatic pair of plates in this luscious bedroom

Think in a bedroom done in the same color as the walls, its a subtle but really beautiful accent, HB

So what do you think? Like? Love? If you scroll back up and imagine some of those rooms without them, you will then realize the impact that they can have. Whether its a pair or a grouping, they are a fabulous way to showcase pretty porcelains, a busts or a collection of some sort. I am a pretty big fan.......now onto the ones I am going to be carrying since so many of you asked, would love to know your thoughts!

Speaking of my store.......lovely Elizabeth of one of my favorite blogs, Pretty Pink Tulips did a short post today on the gardenia crystal hurricane candles she bought from me..thank you Elizabeth! Which reminds me.......I just got them back in after being sold out (same ones as at the Ritz Carlton) And as Elizabeth pointed out, these would make a beautiful Mothers day gift!! Thanks Elizabeth!

Hoping you all have a fabulous day. Glad the temps are down a few notches today....yesterday almost  hitting 90 was just a little too much too soon for me. 70's is just right! Enjoy.....


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