Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Monogram mania part 2 and a monogram giveaway!

Hi there....... First thanks sooo much for all those amazing drink suggestions yesterday. You guys are amazing! I did try one (in addition to making my sangria) which is now one of my official faves as I LOVE raspberry so thank you Marlindarling....tried your "Sassy Razz" and it was love at first sip! YUM!! Everyone loved it and its a keeper in my short but favorite drink repertoire. I will post on it and other things about last night in a few days. 

Moving along........ I had done a post on one my of my favorite subjects, monograms many months ago and thought a follow up post is way overdue. I LOVE monograms, have them on everything from my bedding to my guest towels and napkins, to my key chain to clogs that I wear like a uniform. You just don't understand how much I adore them, used to want to be a stationer who would specialize in letterpress monogrammed stationary just so I could be part of the creative process over and over.......Love them! 
Its a time honored tradition, that has held strong particularly in the south  but their popularity has soared throughout the world and has become more mainstream,  and I think its safe to say that monograms are really big and not going anywhere. What more elegant way is there to have your own personal stamp put on anything than an elegant monogram that is exclusively yours? Do you love them like I do? Today a look at various ways to display a monogram and to celebrate this post I am offering a monogram giveaway!! All details on the bottom. So here we go......feast your eyes on these monograms!

Look familiar? Love the monogram effect on these gorgeous twin beds, Cathy Kincaid
Love a monogrammed elegant! Southern Accents
Monogrammed drapes are so magnificent and old world.
Nothing like crisp white bedding with a pop of color in a monogram, Leontine

Monograms work in all kinds of styles including more transitional spaces like this pretty one, Pinterest
Monogrammed soaps? Love the personal touch for a guest or powder room, Kennon and Company
Love the bold monogram here, Lonny
Monogrammed towels in a bathroom are an elegant and highly personal touch, Arcadian Home
Whats more elegant than a beautifully monogrammed dinner napkin? Beaty Coleman
A burlap monogrammed wine cooler? Love it! My wedding
Outside monograms work every time, even just a pillow or two personalizes the space beautifully, Pottery Barn
Adore my monogrammed phone case from Lipstick Shades......
Gorgeous colorway....Brian McCarthy
Can you imagine prettier china? Martha Stewart weddings
I practically live in my monogrammed clogs, not only are they cute but they are sooo comfy!
This is so pretty, and unexpected, a monogrammed relaxed roman! Houzz
Just the effect of even one simple pillow on a sofa can be just enough, Baltimore Sun
Love the all white with the gorgeous pretty!
I want this chair!! Joan Cecil
Even a pair of monogrammed pillows is just enough when mixed in with other prints and colors, Brenda Kelly Kramer
Love Betty Lou Phillips take on monogramming for her own bathroom!

I like this idea of adding a solid pilllow with a fancy monogram against a pattern, beautiful! Pinterest
Adore these monogrammed dinner plates from Kelly Wilson antiques!

Monograms are striking in bold colors, Julia B

Talented Stacy of Conspicuous Designs beautiful monogrammed lamps..if you sell them I will buy!
A pair of elegant monogrammed guest towels in a bath is a beautiful way to welcome guests! Addison
Phoebe Howard takes a simple white bed to new elegant heights.
Love this girls room...fabulous! Tobi Fairley

And lest you think monograms don't apply to footwear....feast your eyes on these beauties. I have them and love them...from Jack Rogers!

So have you gotten your "monogram fix"? I sure did!! Love it and can't seem to get enough....just such a classic design motif to personalize anything your heart desires. Best part it is no longer out of the stratosphere to do, so many companies do it now, from Ballard and Pottery Barn all the way to fine custom workrooms like Leontine, Julia B and Grammercy Linens.

Now onto the giveaway, one lucky winner is going to win a dozen of these gorgeous monogrammed linen cocktail napkins! Beautiful linen hemstitched with oversized initial done in Ecru...tres elegant!!  These are the ones sold on my site..... All you need to do is leave a comment here and if you want a second chance, you can leave me a comment on The Enchanted Home's Facebook page by clicking here. I will announce a winner on Friday morning. 

Also if you leave a comment as anonymous, you must include your first name and last name initial! If you go by just a first name, please leave your last name initial, in the case of there being several entrants with the same first name...thanks!

                                          Good luck and hope you have a fabulous day!!

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