Saturday, 14 April 2012

Random Saturday musings, a few updates and pretty posts to ponder

 Good morning, First off...lets announce the winner of my silver tray contest! Congratulations goes to........

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1: tray1608501laura017BE532-F975-44A9-83C2-BBE899734C731

Laura, please email me with your information so the silver tray can be sent to its new home!

It's quite nice that life is finally getting back to normal....relatively speaking. I am still Teddy's nurse aka personal assistant, but more than happy to be taking care of him, dressing his wounds, being his medicine giver, massager, dog walker, is my pleasure! Yesterday afternoon around 6pm I took him for a walk around outside on a leash and then sat by the pool....he seemed so relaxed and the fresh air was really good for him. Below a few pics I took of my iPhone, from certain angles where you wouldn't know of whats going on on his body, so this was a picture he was comfortable posing for:) It was such a picture perfect early evening sky, crisp cool weather, a setting sun, clear was the most relaxed I have been in days!

Here's the cutie pie going home from one of his checkups, they put the t shirt on to protect against stitches that they had to remove to allow for more draining....

Our beautiful cherry blossom tree in full bloom

This small pool house was part of the original property, one day we would love to redo it but its quite far down on the list as there are so many other things to take care of! But the setting is really pretty and its very calm and private, like a little oasis.

Teddy meditating!

Relaxing........that sweet little face From this angle he looks quite good!
How cute are these get well gifts dropped off for Teddy? Filled with treat, a football and other cute toys....he loved it!
This is such a cute idea.....its kind of like memory for dogs, about the size of a placemat, you put a treat under one of these cubes and you can make it more challenging by placing it under the brown squares where they have to slide the brown down to get to it...very clever! Teddy loves it....

Moving on.....a number of people have asked about more house updates but honestly the reason I haven't shown much of the house is because there isn't much to show! I do finally have some window treatments under way, my bathroom/dressing area, kitchen and window seat. So that's phase 1, other things are in the works and I promise to share with you as I have something to show you......I did decide to keep this chest to use as a vanity in our main powder room. Admittedly its as much to do with that its a beautiful chest and fits perfectly as it would be one less thing to have to brainstorm about! So now I can finally get that wallpaper and work on the windows and be done with it..woo hoo!

We are going to put the honey onyx on it as a counter top...I think its going to be beautiful when done.

The library is basically done, now they are coming to start staining next week, the floors are done too. Love the way it has come out, originally we were going to hold off doing it but decided to bite the bullet now so we don't have a horrible mess and dust all throughout the house later......a few pictures.

I love early morning sun, cannot wait till we put up the art on top of my beautiful black French console....

Remember this fabric? Well I sealed the deal and my ktichen window treatments are being made as we speak!

How gorgeous is this tureen? I have 2 left! Best thing is its a nice big one, so practical too!

LOVE it!

 I promise as soon as there are other things to better believe I will post them. Hopefully window treatments will be ready in a few weeks!

I also wanted to announce that after Thursday's post, I got an extremely positive reaction to the magnificent pewter and wood pieces so have as of this morning added them to my store. More to come....this line is exceptional in every way with the finest attention to detail and best best quality materials used. It is an expensive line but truly heirloom quality and best part is...... I am discounting 12-30% off retail. If you know the prices you will recognize the value.  As always if you have any questions, feel free to ask! Click here to visit store.

Some of the items anything equestrian!

Love these pewter acorn measuring spoons!

This is too cute......

This I would have to say is the ultimate carving board.....with its antler handles!
How incredible is this cheese board!

How cute are these hunting dog salt and peppers?
Love these gorgeous pewter Pheasant statues

And for those wanting to know this small crest tray is now online...

Moving right along........what are you up to this weekend? Anything off the charts or is it more of a mellow chill kind of weekend? We have dinner plans with friends and a few games to attend for my son. Tomorrow I look forward to a really calm day, and its supposed to get near 80! A little freaky if you ask me but I guess it's better than snow....or is it? Hum...for such a "summer girl" that's a surprising statement! Finally I get great joy in sharing posts that I have really enjoyed...... if you have some spare time this weekend,  here are a few posts that I thought were worth keeping and sharing........definitely all very much worth the read!!

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Wishing you a fabulous day and weekend!!

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