Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Say a prayer for Teddy......

Good morning. Yesterday was a really really rough day. Really tough. Teddy was attacked by a trio of dogs, (neighbors dogs all belonging to one owner from a distance) they are I believe some kind of hybrid wolf mix, not sure but they look eerily like a pack of wolves with very tall skinny legs and long snouts....they ferociously marched onto our property and took full advantage of my precious little Teddy, who was just sitting in the grass minding his business.  We didn't realize at first how bad it was. But at the vet, after they shaved the areas that were affected, we soon realized that he had been bitten multiple times, and had received several serious deep bites all the way to the muscle. By the time we got to the vet, his fever spiked all the way past 105 and excess fluid started to build all over his little body. He was having a hard time walking and was so lethargic, it was incredibly painful to see my little buddy like that. Just writing this is so unbelievably hard. To know Teddy is to love him, everyone at the animal hospital adores him, they could not believe that despite the tremendous pain he was in, that his little tail was still wagging while we were all petting him (while he was being examined)....that's how sweet he is!

 Bottom line he is having surgery in the morning, last night his condition was too fragile, his fever too high to put him under general anesthesia,  but hopefully this morning he will be good to go. He will remain in the hospital for at least 3-4 days,  as he will have several drains and though we desperately want him home,I know that's the best place for him. The house feels eerily quiet without him. Walking into the kitchen is just not he same without him there to greet me, cooking seems boring and mundane without his curious little face at my side wanting samplers as I go along, there is no "taste tester" like Teddy, my morning walks will come to a halt as I have no interest in them if he can't be with me. I cannot imagine his amazingly sweet disposition and adorable face not here for the next four days. I am trying to channel my extreme anger and turn it into something positive for Teddy's sake. 

 I know everything will be OK. You really don't realize just how important a dog is to you, until something happens, just how much a part of your family they are until something occurs that shakes you up to your core and you realize that your family is not your family without them. Well this has really shaken me up more than words can say. Somehow, it just doesn't seem appropriate today to post about the things I normally love to post about...not when my heart is aching and is somewhere else. So today I am taking the day off. I will keep you posted. I am praying and hoping for great news today . Promise to update you tomorrow. Thank you and wishing you all a wonderful day!

Teddy, I cannot wait to see you just lounging about as you do best next to the flower beds, just "doing your thing". I love you dear sweet boy and cannot wait until you come home!

UPDATE AS OF 3:40PM.....He is comfortable, on heavy duty painkillers, stable, wagging his tail (amazing that his sweet personality shines through even while going through such trauma), they were able to put in two additional drains today, so he has a total of 3 now, they did not operate today, because his body is getting rid of the excess fluid of which is there is a great deal. They will access tomorrow how things are looking and if its a good idea to operate tomorrow. His fever is thankfully down and they are doing to do stomach xrays. We are going see him at around 6pm. Fingers crossed that all continues to go well. I cannot thank you enough for this TREMENDOUS OVERWHELMING outpouring of support, I was blown away when I came onto to see nearly 200 comments and tons of emails overflowing my email box, thank you, thank you, thank you.....they truly touched my heart. Its been a rough 24 hours and you better believe I will give you en ear full of this owner and his pack of horrendous vicious dogs and whats going on over there as soon as all this goes away...........will continue to keep you updated. I am confident he is going to be just fine. Thank you again.......


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