Friday, 20 April 2012

Random Friday musings and a few updates and a giveaway!

Hi there...hope you are having a good week. Things are calmer here, its actually been a productive week, I made sure of it! I felt like certain things had to take a back seat with the whole Teddy ordeal but now its full steam ahead. Back to working on various small projects in the house, very busy with my store and always scouring for wonderful new finds! I like most people, tend to approach decorating my house in spurts. I get a wild almost uncontrolled urge to do everything in sight and start furiously taking on one project after another, then a lull...nothing! This week, I have been on the former, so got my dining chairs ordered, initiated window treatments in some of the bathrooms/smaller spaces and finally am trying to finalize the carpet that I want to order for my bedroom. My husband and I negotiated over this for months but I think even he agrees there is nothing as toasty as getting up in the middle of the night especially in the colder months and your feet landing on a plush soft wool carpet. Once the carpets gets put in....I will feel ready at last to tackle my bedroom and really get it done.

So here are a bunch of random, not very significant things happening around the house......

I have a "thing" about late day sunlight...just when the days last rays are streaming through the window, something so beautiful about it, these were taken very late in the day, just thought the lighting was so pretty............

For this bathroom, my window treatments are officially in the works! So excited. I drove myself a bit nuts but in the end, know its going to be beautiful. I am going for a soft relaxed balloon, lining in with a tiny check/gingham silk blend from Brunschwig which will just peek out from the bottom and layering two trims/tassles which color wise were a great match. All the goodness coming together below........

And for the kitchen fabric, found another great one at Samuel and son

Then speaking of fabrics and trims, here's my latest inspiration for the bench/window seat in back stairhall area...the area we use all the time. The bench cushion is nearly ready and I am going to make it chock full ala Charles Faudree with lots of pretty pillows and think this gold colored simple fabric could be a nice and calm choice for the window treatments finished of course with beautiful blue and gold trim....thoughts?

So pretty to start seeing everything in bloom.....I forgot how much prettier everything looks when it turns green!

Got these two vases unpacked from old house.....not going to keep them here but its fun trying them out in different spots....

Look what I see to the right.......a lilac bush! 

The smell was intoxicating.....

                                                       Back lone jars, I am trying to envision the walls with art, mirrors and eventually brackets/wall sconces holding pretty objects........

                                    Changing things up on the family room console..........
More experimenting with blue and white..........changing things out mid stream

Final result.....

And added this pair of flat topped ginger jars for now to my hall console....cannot wait for sconces, art, mirrors, get put up!

A special thank you to Leslie from the terrific blog, Trover le Soliel for featuring a bunch of goodies she bought from me. I especially love the framed beach print which is part of my canvas art here to visit her lovely post and the other goodies her great eye chose. Thanks Leslie!

I am still very much "the kid in the candy store" when I get in new boxes but yesterday was as if the whole experience got blown up to epic proportions. I was drowning in boxes but it was still such fun opening up a bunch of gorgeous new things..........and for the many who asked, the brackets are now up on the site under New Additions. 
And got some beautiful new blue and white large and very large ginger jars in stock now listed. I seriously want to keep these all to myself.......can never get enough. Its scary but fun.
Yes it does look like  a war zone......and that's only a snippet!
More boxes!

A bevy of beauties.....

And I got this gorgeous pair recently, they are quite large and really not sure where I will end up permanently putting them but for now they will remain on the dining table.....

More gorgeous pillows getting ready to make their way to their new homes......

Yes I get excited and when I excited about new things...I run on sheer adrenaline. I was up late packing, sorting, sending......lots of new things in the store and check out whats arriving in the next few days, will be up on the site later today or tomorrow.  Click here to visit The Enchanted Home Shop.
Beautiful ormolu small tureen

I have two of these goregous flower ring vases

Love "book" book ends

Lab book ends

Crown bookends

More book ends

These are great looking
Love dog bookends

So....that's whats new around here. I am glad its Friday and the end to a busy week. Anything exciting going on over there for the weekend? Hope whatever you do is fun and wonderful!

Thanks for stopping in!

One last note......I am so not a fan of change, definitely a creature of habit so I was thrown off this morning with the new blogger format. Not liking it. Anyone else feel this way? What gives, why did they have to change something that was working perfectly fine!


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