Monday, 2 July 2012

A July 4th Which would you choose and 2 winners!

Hi this is a quick post...headed to the beach for a few days for some much needed R&R! I will have my husbands ipad with me and will absolutely visit some of my favorite blogs as I miss being in blogland SO MUCH but doubt I will be able to put a post heres a yummy Which would you choose and the two winners of my recent giveaway. Hope everyone has a wonderful, happy and safe July 4th holiday!

Chose two lucky winners from my last giveaway. Congratulations to........

1: Crown book ends
2: Cake spade
teresa splendid sass
Please contact me ASAP to provide your shipping details so I can get these out to you!

Now onto this weeks Which would you choose. Which dessert would you want someone to bring you if you had agreed they were bringing dessert to your little backyard bash? Which do you think you would like to see arrive (of course praying all the while that not everyone will indulge which would mean some seriously good midnight leftovers to snack on)!
  They are all so fabulous and patriotic looking, I think it might by my patriotic duty to try a bit of each! Which do you think?

CHOICE 1 Something so healthy never looked so good or patriotic! But this is too boring for me.

CHOICE 2 A star studded trifle!

CHOICE 3 Red white and blue cake pops...brilliant!

CHOICE 4 July 4th ices

CHOICE 5 A red white and blue layer cake....bring on the milk!

                                CHOICE 6 Creative and great looking fruit kebobs

                                         CHOICE 7 An American pie......yum yum!

         CHOICE 8 Jello and cream layered  jello white and blue never looked so tasty~!

        CHOICE 9 A seven layer fruit and ice cream concoction.....its my patriotic duty to indulge!

                                CHOICE 10   Strawberries never looked so yummy!

CHOICE 11 This has my name all over it.....yum!

CHIOCE 12 Its your patriotic duty to indulge in ice cream on July 4th!

CHOICE 13 Hola! Berry crumb bars....bring them on!
CHOICE 14 Cool as the red white and blue pops!

CHOICE 15 "Come to mama" cheesecakes......yum!

CHOICE 16 Fruit topped that's brilliant, you can indulge while feeling its got a healthy edge!

Boy I am hungry!! Do you have a patriotic favorite here? I am seriously craving something sweet this very minute. Wishing you a wonderful, happy and safe holiday!! Thanks for stopping in and speak to you in a few days!


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